Terrible Russian Car Crash Accidents Brutal Footage

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Terrible Russian Car Crash Accidents Brutal Footage

Our Mission is to show people how really dangerous is car crash if you are not driving carefully on the road. Here you will see real injury accident, car accident help, latest car accidents, road accident claims, recent auto accidents, car accident articles, recent fatal car accidents. This Car accident video You can take as a learning tool. Driving a car is a very responsible thing because if You don`t pay attention on the road, with You can happen very bad car crashes. All videos are filmed by real people from their dash cam. Most of these videos are “in a car accident” footage.

Please drive carefully and respect other drivers on the road!
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  1. Pfirtzer says:

    It's a miracle any Russians are left alive, reckless driving is in their blood or should I say Wodka. hahaha,

  2. Leo Simmes says:

    jup dwa joe matsj !

  3. milton podolsky says:

    Great family entertainment !

  4. Shotfire says:

    Dal minuto 8:50

  5. Shotfire says:

    Bada quello col classe G nero la ragazza ha fatto un volo de n se sa quanti metri perché quella cosa che vedete ad un certo punto volare é una ragazza

  6. Adam Mangler says:

    With some of these, it makes me wonder if a few are actual suicides?

  7. mediarolf says:

    Ich verstehe nicht, dass es in Russland noch Führerscheinbesitzer gibt. Die müsste doch alle wegen Trunkenheit im Straßenverkehr abgegeben sein.

  8. Ricky Boyd says:

    it would appear the Lada Rivas are driven by fuckwits.

  9. Bertha Martin says:

    Thank you, for the horrific accidents may we all learn from their fatal mistakes…………6;51 the car looked like a bomb exploded… 12;10 horrible accident, I have never seen a snow plow deicing the roads…does anyone know if they do that to their roads at all…..and may all the people that lost their lives R I P

  10. f488gto says:


  11. Marc Benouchi says:

    9:50 : is this guy explode ?

  12. Marc Benouchi says:

    2:50 : looks like the girl would not want to fuck tonight !

  13. Marc Benouchi says:

    2:24 lol the truck is dwarfed

  14. Eva Stapaard says:

    i like the clips although i've seen many of them before.
    Buti really hate the clickbate.
    you could have easilly used a frame from your clips.
    there's nothing wrong with being honest.
    just for that a big thumbs down.

  15. Mrssea Sea says:

    Are there no speed limits in this country?

  16. Mrssea Sea says:

    At 3:43. What was he doing on the wrong side of the road☠️

  17. Chas Ptrs. says:

    At 1.12, how could that ever be, if they did not "speed" !! And the orange truck at. 2.06 was going like a bat out of hell. Crazy bunch of ppl are all in a hurry to "die" and take others with them.

  18. Tech Wiz Master says:


  19. TheMaineCoon1 says:

    3:25 that's one reason why you should wear a seat belt…

  20. Aamria says:

    Sad to see so many click baits.

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