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Sunday, April 21, 2019

The का प्रयोग काॅम्पिटीशन इंग्लिश व इंग्लिश स्पीकिंग के लिये, Easy way to learn article The with Hindi explanation.

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  1. Sartaz Classes says:

    ये रहा आपका YouWork
    Fill the article
    1. I will go to …… east.
    2. I have… but… has no petrol.
    3. I like… cream which you like.
    4. ….apple…day keeps doctor away.

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  2. kiran Bedi says:

    Sir The garden batao thik hai ki nahi

  3. Tankaria Hiteshkumar H says:

    country ke nam ke aage 'The' Nahi aata, aap ne 'The' America' likha he.

  4. Vandana Vishwakarma says:

    Sir me koi v video like nhi karti or na subscribe but sir aap bahut, A6a pdate he or me aapke sare videos like karti hu

    Thank you very much sir

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    Sir , you are a great teacher in india

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    Thanku very much sir before I read anything ,so that time I was confuse ,but now I understood

  9. akhilesh kumar says:

    Thanks sartaj dir

  10. Neeyati Bhatnagar says:

    Sir vaise toh apple ke saath an aayega but according to your second trick the aana chahiye
    Can you clear that confusion ??

  11. Lata Gauda says:

    I really like Nahi actually love ur videos .hats off to u

  12. Anushka Yadav says:

    part 2 plz

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    dislike vo log krte hai jinka channel english k liye hoga or koi dekh n rha hoga

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    A car the car

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    The east

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    thanks sir

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    Lovely video sir love u nice

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