The 2016 Nobel Prizes: Chemistry and Physics!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

The 2016 Nobel Prizes: Chemistry and Physics!

This Nobel Prize season, dive into the world of the super small for physics and chemistry. It’s where the nanocars roam and phase transitions get really weird.

Learn more about this year’s nobel prizes:

Learn more about semiconductors:

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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An Oxford University professor explains this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics in terms a high-school student would understand

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  1. Seth M says:

    The current in a conductor only flows through the conductor when the current is high enough. Elsewise, it flows along the surface.

  2. The_Pyromancer says:

    How come videos like these are more popular than the actual speeches by the laureates?

  3. matteorr1 says:

    In the car audio realm, I was told that electrons only flowed on the surface of the wires. As a result, this is why stranded wire is better for carrying power and signal than solid wire at the same gauge, and the more strand density the better since there is more surface area. Based on this topological insulator topic, I'm questioning what I've been told.

  4. Avî says:

    I don't understand anything but it sounds intelligent and good

  5. Florezkids says:

    were in the quantum age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ken O says:

    A warm vest, short sleeves and no goatee. A cool environment combined with the need for unencumbered arm movement and the need to prevent arms and chin from overheating? or just a style?

  7. henrik mogensen says:

    Shishow can you explain the phenomenon known as "Marie Antoinette Syndrome", which can turn your hair White/silver. It is said to be caused by a lot of stress but can you explain it? 🙂

  8. RoScFan says:

    so… when will we have our first amazo? or T-1000

  9. Ian D'Angiolillo says:

    Although I thought the subject of this video was interesting, I did not understand a single word of it.

  10. THCDMTLSD Swagyolo says:

    And religion acts like it contributes to society lol

  11. RF Is Killing us softly says:

    English language is designed to hurt all who use it thought and speach "imagination focus RF and RF is how people get sick

  12. RF Is Killing us softly says:

    here's a dis"cover"ie's

  13. James Craver says:

    Oh, would molecular machines need to worry about quantum effects (e.g. tunneling)?

  14. sebastian boldut says:

    not this guy againnnn!!!!!

  15. Justin Cruz says:

    wtf is up with sci show thumbnails

  16. Ganaram Inukshuk says:

    The only thing I'm thinking about is when we reach the point where we have micro/nanomachines comparable to our macromachines and how we name such things whilst following the conventions of naming molecules and describing what those shapes are in relation to their macroscopic counterparts. For example, basketane, a basket-shaped molecule. (I would laugh if someone took the time to synthesise an entire nanotoilet, complete with all of its moving parts, though I would imagine the water itself would clog such a toilet.)

  17. PraiseDivineMercy says:

    The motor sounds like a molecular size version of those black and white pinwheels that spin when exposed to sunlight

  18. Sudazima says:

    Ben Feringa is my 2nd examiner, he was literally in the next room when he got the call he won.

  19. Caleb Ramsier says:

    This is really exciting stuff! Actually!

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