The Art Of Short Article Writing For Nonfiction Writers Video Course With Christina Katz

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Art Of Short Article Writing For Nonfiction Writers

Learn The Skills You Need To Get Paid To Write From Home And Enjoy The Process Of Creating High Quality Articles

For over fourteen years, writing coach and platform expert Christina Katz has been teaching writers of all levels how to write publication-quality short nonfiction articles. After taking Christina’s writing classes, students go on to publish their first clips, increase their productivity, and remember why they fell in love with article writing in the first place.

This course covers how to write six popular and saleable nonfiction article forms, as well as how to warm up to write your best articles and how to polish the articles you draft.

Writers who take this course will receive:

40+ minutes of video coaching
98 pages of instructional worksheets
Multiple examples of publication-quality writing
Visual inspiration in the form of images of published articles throughout the course

This class focuses on getting you into print sooner, rather than later, without pulling all-nighters or paying a fortune in babysitter fees. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working dad, or just a busy person, you will learn how to create short, easy-to-write freelance articles—a skill that will make it easier to work your way up to longer, more time-consuming freelance articles (like features, profiles, and even a book) when you are ready.

You will try your pen at tips, fillers, short interviews, list articles, how-tos, short personal essays, and personal experience articles. You will learn to brainstorm ideas, interview experts, integrate quotes and research, understand plagiarism, and rewrite your work until it’s publication-ready. Opportunities for self-reflection and self-assessment are woven into the class so you can productively generate article ideas long after you finish the course.

This writing class is helpful for both beginning writers who have never taken a class before as well as for experienced freelancers looking to get back in the swing of writing. If you have written a book but you need help breaking out fresh content from your specialty topic, this class is also for you. This class is perfect for moms who want to write for regional parenting magazines as well as anyone with an eye on writing for national markets.

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