The Article of the Future

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The Article of the Future

Elsevier invests in platform innovation bringing together solutions like SciVerse ScienceDirect, SciVerse Scopus and web/third party content into one point of access: SciVerse. Now, through the Article of the Future project, Elsevier is redefining the article and associated article page on SciVerse ScienceDirect to allow for an optimal exchange of formal scientific research between scientists.

The Article of the Future project is our never-ending quest to explore better ways to create and deliver the formal published record.


  1. Harshit Arora says:

    website is not yet accessible.

  2. Rick Lavin says:

    Nice idea. And we should treat the ideas in this video seriously, as others have said. But before developing all these wonderful ideas, how about proofreading articles—or at least committing to correcting obvious typos that readers have told you about. A website is supposed to be editable, and I don't understand why it should take multiple forwardings just to tell me, "Sorry, no, we can't correct anything." A commitment to lower profits and make papers more accessible would also go down nicely.

  3. Adriana Carla S. Oliveira says:


  4. Vesa Oikonen says:

    Very nice, I'd definitely like to read such articles. But how much additional workload for researcher there would be to make these kind of articles? Since there is already too much work and too little time, I could probably not justify the time spent on this.

  5. Alan Cockerill says:

    Can't help but be creeped out by the voice over, having Simpsons flashbacks "you may remember me from other publishing promotional materials like…' but I did love his pronunciation of 'L-Severe'

    Can't help worrying about costs – thanks jdoove for the heads up on StichtingSURF

  6. Ken Masters says:

    Imagine, Imagine….all of this behind a pay-wall. At 3:40, it says "For Authors, the article of the future delivers greater exposure, etc." How? Unless the intention is to make this Open Access. Now, THAT would give greater exposure.

    Those who have access to it now will have access to it in the future. (Sort of – when their library cancels subscription, will access to previous stuff already paid for continue?)

    Nothing wrong with chasing a profit, but don't couch it in these terms.

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