The Articles of Confederation – The Constitution Before the Constitution

Friday, March 31, 2017

The Articles of Confederation - The Constitution Before the Constitution

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For four hot, humid July days, 56 delegates of the Second Continental Congress gathered in Philadelphia with one purpose – to ratify the Declaration of Independence. The document, originally drafted by Thomas Jefferson with the help of Ben Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, ad Robert Livingston, declared that the thirteen American colonies were now independent and free of the tyranny of the British Empire. On July 4th, with the final wording in place, it was ready for the whole world to read; though, it would be about another month before congress would actually sign it, contrary to popular belief.

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Shays’ Rebellion and the Articles of Confederation
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  1. Deepthawghtent says:

    Incorrect the Iroquoi confederation completed this contract for the quote "founding fathers" they had very little power under the articles of confederations it was only the 13 colonies during that time and the.. articles of confederation freed you from slavery set you the indentured servants free.. real talk..

  2. HARTies says:

    does it bother anyone that he moves his hands to much??

  3. Ed Tolliver says:

    It is important to recognize that the Articles of Confederation was based on the Great Law of Peace of the Iroquois Confederation (Haudenosaunee –ho dee no saw nee). The date of the joining of the Five Nations is argued, but the Haudenosaunee place it at 1100 while others say it was formalized around 1450. In any case, it is also important to acknowledge that the Haudenosaunee are still governed by the Great Law. Apparently, they are better able to put the best interest of the Confederation above petty jealousies and greed.

    It is also worth noting that the male chiefs are appointed by the Clan Mothers and can be removed from office if they fail to live up to their responsibilities. The women's movements in Anglo society were based in many ways on the freedom and power of Haudenosaunee women.

  4. DanColetta says:

    Pronounced "all-bany" not "al-bany"

  5. Chris Berrian says:

    The article of cofederation are the Constitution of the United States of America.
    This constitution we know know is a constitution that was for federal lands and the northwest territories after king george 111 lost it.
    the articles were never repaled are the law of the land.
    the united states is federal land. And the united states of america is soverin with free inhabitants.
    Check out Dr. Edwin Viera jr for proper constitutional knowledge.
    The schools are giving false information.

  6. J Girl says:

    no mention of the bill of rights or the actual ratification of the constitution?

  7. WhiteStar Armada says:

    well they were right to fear a centralized government, ours has been dogshit for decades now…

  8. julian Ventura says:

    i love u

  9. UFO314159 says:

    I first learned of the Articles of Confederation in junior high school. Don't the schools teach any history any more?

  10. Darcy Robbs says:

    I KNEW IT! HES A HOLOGRAM! No one man could possibly know so much.

  11. ALHBAOOI says:

    As a german i might misread the first words of the constitution as "Weiße People" (White People)….just a sarkastic idea!

  12. DarthKen says:

    Here's a question for you guys. Were there people with English accents fighting on the US side of the Revolutionary War? The assumption would be yes since they were still emigrating over. Follow up question. Had the US been "established" long enough for colonists to develop their own accents?

  13. American Patriot says:

    the articles were not enough government; but I think the constitution is too much government we should have a convention create a halfway governing document between the two keeping the bill of rights.

  14. joseph crosby mecham says:

    In this same vein, how about an episode on the Presidents of the United States BEFORE George Washington?

  15. Uberak says:

    Shay's Rebellion was as much a rebellion against the Federal government as it was against Massachusetts's government. In fact, one of the motivations was a fear of centralized government, even on the state level, and worries that the Constitution was institute an elected monarchy, which I find to be perfectly warranted.

  16. HerofAzure says:

    Um… Why is the Chilean flag on the thumbnail?

  17. Jose Martinez says:

    Thanks another good video, but what is up with your glasses? Are they reflective on the sides?

  18. Katie Kat says:

    I love when you accidentally stumble onto an awesome channel. This channel is one of those awesome ones. I have been watching your videos non-stop for a couple days now. I can't get enough of them. However, is it possible for Simon to slow down a little. He speaks super fast without any breaks. Sometimes I don't think he even stops at the end of his sentences. I think maybe he only stop at the end of his paragraph…lol In addition to his super speed he has that accent going on. You know when you are listening to another language that you do not know and you can't figure out where the breaks between words are? That's kind of what's happening here and I've been speaking English for 47 years. I actually have to pay really close attention, concentrate, & sort of translate what is being said. It's taking a little work to watch these videos and I watch youtube so I don't have to pay attention. If you do decide to take my advice, you don't have to slow down dramatically just a little slower would be good. Plus I think I see you turning blue from lack of oxygen….I'm just kidding about that. I see you have a lot of subscribers but I'm wondering if maybe your subscriptions would increase faster if you did slow down a little bit. I could imagine that some people may be passing up on pursuing your channel because your videos do take a little work to understand and follow what is being said. Obviously Europeans probably have no problem following you because they are used British-English. I am American. I'm sure there are plenty of Americans that can follow you just fine but I am also sure there are plenty of Americans that cannot. I would also think people like Mexicans, Central Americans, & South Americans would have a lot of trouble since English is their second language and they are accustomed to American sounding English and not British/Australian sounding English. It's just a suggestion but I really hope you will consider this. Thank you so much for making such interesting videos. You are currently my 2nd favorite channel. You know what you have to do to become my number one favorite channel….lol

  19. Sam says:

    I would hope most Americans know this already. I'm not surprised it isn't taught abroad though.

  20. Greg McGlothern says:

    Cool, now do the anti-federalist papers

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