The benefits of exercise

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The benefits of exercise

This animation from Bupa UK looks at the benefits of exercise, whether you’re two, or 92!


  1. Ariel Rodriguez says:


  2. ViBrix Permites says:

    W0w I learn so many thing bout this 😀

  3. Crystal Asingho says:

    Physical activity is important to my life because in doing exercise it can make your body physically fit and healthy. Also, in doing physical activity it can reduce stress and burn calories in the body. Moreover, in doing household chores can make you physically fit and active because it exerts sweat that releases bacteria in your body.

  4. FallenBosscrafter GriGri says:

    I Agree 🙂

  5. slash madrazo says:

    i agree because it's helpful

  6. pa cute says:

    i agree !

  7. Yasmedah Alag says:


  8. Ramel Cary Jamen says:

    i agree ?

  9. Sofia Roberto says:


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  11. Lloyd Jr Pananglitan says:

    I think everyone should try this

  12. Julie Ann Damian says:

    This is great . Gonna try this ?

  13. Nathaniel Sebial says:

    Wow! Thats why I encourage people to exercise

  14. Rirumi says:

    So helpful ?

  15. Jan Carl Ramonal says:


  16. Lyzae Davis says:


  17. Honey Tomarong says:

    cge! ayo ayo

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