The Bible Predicted The Holocaust

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Bible Predicted The Holocaust

Isaiah wrote of the Holocaust about 2,700 years before it happened. The Bible is true, God, heaven and hell are real, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven. Dedicate your life to Him and escape hell.

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I believe in my heart that you, Lord God, raised Him from the dead. Please Jesus forgive me, for every
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  1. AstralBliss says:

    What a stretch! The bible says absolutely nothing about the holocaust! None of these passages are relevant! Why? Because the bible is full of shit!

  2. dude Jamz says:

    Jesus loves his people

  3. NeoTheOne says:

    Can we get rid of this ridiculously false video?!

  4. NeoTheOne says:

    How can you predict something that never happened?!

  5. dhamn biring says:

    at least give us the bible verses proving your video

  6. Lord Kek of the great kingdom of Kekistan says:

    Any Jew or Christian who denies the holocaust is simply bringing about their own execution, simple as that

  7. BadseedzOnTop says:

    its clear that no man that is white can be an original jew. merely a convert. the land they talk about doesnt produce white men at that time and still don't! this doesn't apply to them. you know identity theft? well its like that. living someone else's life to benefit from it. thats what they did! the tribe of judah as yall call it today are people from the middle east. BY THE WAT THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MIDDLE EAST BUT EAST AFRICA. these people who you see as jews are not that! didnt the man say They will say they are jews and are not! synagogue of satan! you think that was written for no reason? why spread false truth when with all the info out now that the consensus will agree that they aren't the real jews and when the father returns they will face their judgment! DID THEY GET SCATTERED ACROSS THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE EARTH? WE WERE ENSLAVED. THAT 6M FIGURE IS OFF AND THATS A FACT. BUT SAY ITS 6M THAT DID DIE, A 100M BLACK HEBREWS DIED! EVEN IF THAT NUMBER IS OFF THATS STILL WAY MORE BY A LANDSLIDE. YOU THINK THE HEBREWS MADE THAT UP? TALK ABOUT THAT AND ALL THE SIGNS IN THE BIBLE INDICATING THAT THE ACTUAL HEBREWS WERE BLACK. NOT THEM. DO THE RESEARCH. DELETE EVERYTHING THEY TAUGHT YOU FOR A SECOND AND DISCOVER WHAT ELSE HAPPENED THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY.

  8. wise man says:

    wasn't it a plague of locus in the bible not lice ?

  9. GermanyFan01 says:

    The Holocaust didn't happen. So how is it the Bible for saw it? It demonizes the Germans, yes they had concentration camps, but the Bible also demonizes Egypt, when you break down Egyptian history, the Exodus never happened. History repeats itself. They became the victims of an event that never happened. Yes people died, and yes people were starving, but 6 million Jews were not killed.

  10. Chris Greer says:

    Can't read the text over the video.

  11. Radoslaw Stefanik says:


  12. Max Benser says:

    "The Bible Predicted The Holocaust"
    To much biblical Psychopath,s talking, or blabbers stupid things!!!

  13. Dejournet Kelly says:

    that not the true holocaust

  14. Rick Huntling says:

    HOLOCAUST REVELATION 12:2 "And she being with child cried, travailing in birth and pained to be delivered" The women is the nation of Israel and the travailing and pain is the HOLOCAUST.Rev 12:3 "and there appeared another wonder in heaven and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and seven crowns upon his heads. The dragon is the constellation of the dragon located wrapped around Ursa Minor (little dipper) containing the north star Rev12:4 "and his tail drew the third part (6 million) of the stars in heaven and did cast them to the earth" The tail containing Ursa Minor is where since ancient history the swastika is derived from, and the symbol for Nazi power. Drew (gathered into ghettos and camps)  Cast a third of the stars (Jews are referred as stars, see Dan 8:10) and cast them to the earth (murdered) During WW 2 Hitler was partnered with the Islamic states and very close to the Governor of Palestine. The Governor stated to deport NO Jews back to Palestine, but to burn them. Hitler is now Dead and WW2 is over, the Dragon is satan and has used up Nazi Germany and has now moved the power to the power of Islam.Rev 12:4  "And the dragon (Islamic power) stood before the women (Israel) which was ready to delivered (1948 ), for to devour her child (the nation) as soon as it was born". Israel was attacked the same day it was born by Syria Jordon and Egypt. Isiah 66: 8 Who hath heard such a thing? Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day? shall a nation be born at once? for as soon as Zion travailed (HOLOCAUST) she brought her children. The travailing is before the birth and in Isaiah 7 the birth of JESUS is before the pain. GOD BLESS YOU Rick

  15. Doc Shay says:

    Twisting the Bible to include the Holocaust…SMH God prophesied future captivity, slavery, and oppression of his people until he redeemed them and for the land of Israel being trodden down until the time of the gentiles is fulfilled. Last time I checked…Gentile ruler-ship isn't over with yet…so how are those people in Israel descendants of Jacob? The verses on fake Jews("Revelation 2:9" and "3:9") seems to get ignored by Christians. Deuteronomy 28 also seems to get ignored because if those people in Israel are truly Israel then how is it that none of them are cursed for their rejection of the Messiah? The curses are still effect "for ever" according to scripture yet they live unscathed as they basically own the world (Media and Banks, and many major corporations and the most powerful nation "America").Furthermore, how are they Israel when the Romans who occupied Judea documented that the "Hebrews" looked like a race of "Ethiopian origin" via their historian "Tacitus"?(Ethiopian in the 1st century context, because all of Africa used to be called "Ethiopia"). Also there are no Caucasian Jews on the walls of Egypt in slavery as spoken of in Exodus…BUT there are black ones on the Egyptian walls in the "tomb of Rekhmire".How else do you think they were constantly mistaken for "Ancient Egyptians" in scripture when the Greek Historians(Aristotle and Herodotus) said they(The Egyptians) were "black" in their time? You can verify all that I posted to know I spoke no lies…just something to ponder…

  16. sharon rose says:

    Hi have just subscribed to your channel. really enjoy your videos. keep up the good work .where did you find your little icon it is so cute?

  17. Eli Rogers says:

    I believe Dueteronomy chapter 28 predicted the Holocaust

  18. Tino Vasquez says:

    Isaiah 3:24?

  19. mixumup1 says:

    Everything you read was about black people in slavery… 99 million killed on the slaveship, that doesnt include the lynchings for over 360yrs… Deut. 28:15-68 is all about negroes,, just read v.68 that kills this teaching… Yall got hell to pay for that

  20. Grace Bride says:

    Isaiah 3 is not a prophecy of the Holocaust. It's a prophecy of the Babylon captivity, the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC and 70 AD…. But the Bible did predict the Holocaust through Moses in Deuteronomy 28:64-67. The Holocaust was a horrible affliction (the curses written in Moses' Book of Law), suffered by the Jews when they were scattered among the nations, serving pagan gods in pagan lands (this was very evident when some Jews started involving themselves in Freemasonry in the 1700s, the Holocaust came in 1941, after 200 years of accumulated idolatry; the Northern Kingdom of Israel was also destroyed after 200 years of accumulated idolatry)… But a remnant of Israel remains blessed. Moses foretold Israel's glorious restoration in Deuteronomy 30:1-10.

  21. cassie lawson says:

    Music made in GarageBand.

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