The Biggest Psychology News Stories of 2016

Friday, April 28, 2017

From Pokémon, to fMRI, to the relationship between masculine norms and mental health, 2016 left us with some interesting psych news to ponder.

Learn more about the science of Pokémon GO:

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Pokemon GO:

The Psychology of How Pokémon Go Gets Inside Your Brain


Sexism and mental health:



  1. Bugbears and Wormwood says:


    All I use my phone for is porn

    and directions

    so porn.

  2. Elani Aniyvwia says:

    Instead of studying why Pokémon go WAS so popular… try studying why angry birds IS STILL so popular!!!! Good god!!! Angry birds do this!!! Angry birds do that!!!! Angry birds go to the bathroom!!!! Angry birds make a baby!!!! A billion spin off games from a stupid sling shot game!!!!! Study that!!! Not some flash in the pan mini game!!!!!

  3. KRASS TV says:

    Summary: Psychology is still fake science.

  4. Kan Ko says:

    2:32 he sounded like a robot

  5. Sean Peery says:

    Even with those weaknesses, it won't stop feminists from spreading propaganda that 'masculinity' is 'toxic' as though the headlines that they read about this paper are the gospel without actually doing the slightest bit of research into the study itself.

  6. AloneSoul666 says:

    People quit playing it because they broke the tracking system and didn't even try to address it for months. Replacing it with something silly and biased didn't help.

  7. Kathy W. says:

    Is SciShow Psych out yet? I'm a psychology doc student, so you know, this is my ish.For sure don't want to miss out on it.

  8. vgman94 says:

    Most of those male norms could be applied to Leftist men and half of all women. The study's findings seem…off…

  9. End Drug Prohibition says:

    "scientists are working to get a better understanding of the human mind." True but psychology is the study of behaviour, brain included and nonhuman animals too. "Mind" is an abstraction, hard to define or measure.

  10. quibily says:

    This comment section is usually pretty cool. But you post a video with the word sexist and masculine in it, and people hear whatever rage-inducing thing they wanna hear…. I'll agree that this study sounded fishy to me, too–like they were looking to be proven right instead of really curious about the answer. However, its conclusion was, I think, well-intended. (or, at least, SciShow's interpretation of it is).

    Basically, if a man believes he has to fit in this certain (unrealistic) rigid type, he will be unhappy because no one perfectly fits into ANY socially-imposed role. There is no "man's man." Men should just be themselves, and then they will be happier. Ergo, sexism=bad because it makes EVERYBODY feel trapped or scared to figure out their identity for themselves for fear of stigma. So, chill out, guys, and listen to the words coming out of his mouth.

  11. Sheldon Robertson says:

    Being male. It's only wrong when white men do it.

  12. 288theabe says:

    Wow, what militant joke of a feminist group funded that last "study?"

  13. Furball says:

    I've been an enthusiastic follower of scientific advancement for almost my entire life, but I absolutely refuse to believe that sexual promiscuity, having instinctual urges to reproduce, is a sign for poor mental health. There is not one person on earth that can convince me that me wanting to impregnate every attractive woman I see is a sign that I have a bad brain, you can fuck right off with that one.

  14. Joe Pearson says:

    I quit Pokemon Go because Google didn't reach out to the community – and it wasn't even obvious that it wasn't Nintendo. Plus, knowing Google made it, they really did a crappy job with some of the mechanics of the game. And, for the other 2 topics I just wish we passed laws which state only replicated studies, executed by scientists independent from the original experiment, can be published to the public.

  15. Captain Redbeard says:


  16. zaimar kruze says:


  17. Paul Nel says:

    Starting to really hate liberals…

  18. aaron yu says:

    I'm glad to be a top psychologist still in HS 🙂

  19. Made Chandra Ardy says:

    are u related to ian idubbbz, hank?

  20. Aidan Ratnage says:

    I think it was mostly uninstalled because Pokémon Go is fundamentally flawed and a bad game.

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