The Cost Of Obesity In America

Saturday, September 2, 2017

How much does the obesity epidemic actually cost the USA?
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When it comes to the controversial topic of obesity, the United States is the frontrunner of the epidemic. With fast food chains running rampant across the country with oversized portions and less activity taking place, it shouldn’t be a surprise as to why America has gotten so fat. One of the busiest industries in America is the food industry and the medical industry. But in reality, being far and obese is quite difficult and it robs people of a good quality of life. So much money today is being spent on obesity, but the real question is how much money is being spent and wasted on obesity?
Let’s think about it, people who are dealing with obesity have to have transportation, wear clothing, eat food, and have access to medical care. However, obese people can’t utilize these basic human rights like regular Average Joe’s. For example, when it comes to transportation, cars and airplanes need extra fuel support in order to be able to handle the extra weight. Needing to refuel, or rebuild cars and planes so that they won’t fall apart or collapse is a hefty bill that has to be covered to ensure physical safety.
The next area is clothing. Regular clothes won’t fit obese people, and the clothing has to be made with extra fabric. This usually means that plus size clothes will cost more than regular clothes, and therefore, wasting extra money. The diet industry has also cost Americans a lot of money, as it has to be specially made with reduced calories, sugar and fat substitutes, and more, just to fit the strict standards of what is considered to be diet food. After using more mechanical transportation and eating diet food, there is also the cost of food production and meeting demands. Food is being processed and mass produced more than ever in order to meet the high food demands of America. Companies are going to cheaper options that are less quality, but they can still slap on a higher price in order to make more money.
Finally, one of the heftiest bills that obese people have to deal with is medical bills. It’s no secret that obese people have more medical issues than the average sized person. Of course there are exceptions, but carrying around a lot of extra weight will eventually catch up to people, whether it’s in the form of diabetes, heart or lung issues, or a problem with internal organs. The medical industry has seen a boom in customers who are obese, and it’s likely only going to get worse, as American society has shown no sign of changing their product availability.
In closing, all of these areas are costing Americans money, and in total, obesity has cost the United States about 0 billion, which is more money than what several countries. The question for you, dear viewer, is how much is too much? And what will it take for people to finally stop and change their habits and start gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle?
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  1. neo5kali says:

    This is ridiculous. Big business and healthcare encourage obesity by offering mainly processed foods for Americans to eat. Much of this processed food contains chemicals which makes people eat more (not turning off the hunger hormone). This means people eat more poisonous food, and depending on people's body chemistry they become fat, diabetic, get heart disease or cancer, or some mix of these problems. With more sick people, health care and the pharmaceutical industry is raking in big bucks. Big business needs sick and fat people so that the oil companies and GMO, and other industries get richer.

  2. alfin syah says:

    i think the best way is to start by go to the nearest local market,buy fresh produce n start to cook it in ur own kitchen from scratch…dont buy instant product fr supermarket…that way u can live healthier…then exercise well…dont eat junk food…thats it…

  3. Makoto Urahama says:

    Fat and Obese pigs should have less rights than normal people and welfare should be cut off!

  4. Jason B says:

    Ever driven by a fast food joint and all you see is fat people walking out of the restaurant? ?

  5. Jivan Gill says:

    Guys go the gym while you can trust me it better lifestyle for you and be in a better shape

  6. Gregg Altus says:

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  7. Rayon Da Crayon says:

    In Japan, obesity is illegal, however, it's a minor crime. This law should exist in America as well

  8. TwilCynder TWB says:

    Music used ?

  9. Lost Spirit ™ says:

    The poor kids in Africa could use those calories

  10. Matthew Dvorak says:

    try to do a challenge try not to see a fat person the requierments are you have to go to a store or someplace else i tried and it is very hard

  11. Roe Chacon says:

    ariana grande i hatr American

  12. TheMostAwesomeMan242 says:

    I bet all of you in the comments section are fat fucks!!!

  13. Leon huynh Gaming says:

    that awkward moment when u only weigh 86lb

  14. Nadir Smm says:

    A bigger portion for a slight increase in the price change that and you'll go in the right direction

  15. Nadir Smm says:

    Put a limit on food production and imports of food

  16. Health Insurance says:

    Total and massive amount of bullshit numbers and they didn't even try to explain the numbers. I'll do what they did. Cost wasted on my time viewing this video… $578. Bam! Proof.

  17. bopp9 says:

    The Pig People

  18. Salma Dahir says:

    great for chubby chasers

  19. Bella. Not at the tøp says:

    Why are all of these comments so mean 🙁 It's not the peoples fault, IT'S AMERICA'S FAULT!

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