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Monday, October 9, 2017

Stress is the classic ailment of the 21st century and accepted as part of our working lives. In fact, stress is generally perceived as a barometer of success. Dynamic professionals seem keen to publicise the fact that their lives are blighted by this modern anguish.

In contrast to socially acceptable moaning about minor stresses and strains, The Day I Snapped investigates what happens when the stress of working life causes a major meltdown. Linda, Elinor, Simon, Justin and Linn were pushed to the point where they were ready to ‘snap’. This is a very human account of what happens when anxiety gets too much to cope with. The story of a GP, a teacher, a social worker, a farmer and a businessman whose stress levels rendered them unable to function. How did the situation reach breaking point in the first place? How did they deal with it? How have their lives changed since?

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  1. Storybooks Serenades says:

    Been there and done that…. I always wanted to be a nurse. After 3 yrs of working at an urgent care I was losing my mind, I was literally going crazy, and considering suicide. Thank God I have a supportive family. I quit 1 yr ago and just now feel like I'm starting to get back to my old self.

  2. Maranwe says:

    Depression is something super weird and still not very well understood by science, I hope they make progress soon! problem is that pharma companies are getting too much money out of people being ill… there is no profit in healthy minds. 🙁 Ask any honest neurologist, they don't even know HOW antidepressents actually work… it's all guessing and theories…. really sad.

  3. XingYi Cai says:

    Let me say, that people who leave the depressed, are too simply too stupid to understand

  4. MrOnionterror says:

    Let her sing alto for fuck's sake. The top of her range sounds like Florence Foster Jenkins.

  5. Jess G says:

    Watching that lovely gent in the blue shirt talk about his time in finance is giving me flashbacks. Solidarity brother. I was a management and research consultant for years, it nearly ruined my health altogether.

  6. Kiki von Dugong says:

    Wow! Thats Simon from Wildlife Aid! Hes one of my heros! Hes doing so much for animals, a true hero to me. I didnt know his life started off like this. Now im even more impressed. Please support his organisation because they are so dedicated to wildlife and saving it.

  7. SilverOwl13 says:

    Humans were not meant to live the way society forces us to live

  8. ggmail says:

    all but one prefers animals, Id like a job with badgers

  9. Dean Vestermark says:

    interesting documentary

  10. red blight says:

    Not wise to judge and mock these people. Any one of us could find ourselves in the same boat tomorrow. Mental heath doesn't discriminate.

  11. sukisuzuki10 says:

    Lin and Jill, AAAAAAwwwwwwww what a lovely couple. Banker turned conservationist, top bloke.

  12. Status 5150 says:

    Status 5150 is a rap group that writes exclusively about mental health! Please enjoy our videos!

  13. 1destinySS says:

    I went through this several years back. I've never heard anyone else describe what my breakdown felt like.

  14. Bold Be2uty says:

    Happiness is more important than money to me… I can't deal with stress well. I have a decent full time job and rarely stress out. Physically I am tired but emotionally I am okay with my job. I also have mental disorders.

  15. ThePSXHive says:

    Did I just hear "Chronopolis" from CC in this? Lol.

  16. Gerry Ryan. says:

    Excellent pointers to reduce stress.

  17. Kathryn Ellison says:

    I understand how Linda feels. I love to work almost as much as he did in the money but I've had to put several jobs you can then depression and then I also have mild case of bipolar. it's so sad when you want to go out there and work and know you might not be successful in the next job I always did my job well it was just a depression I had to quit.

  18. W and S says:

    I wish they would talk about the actual triggers- of which there are many currently-that culminate in these feelings of despair.

  19. Sherrie Lea says:

    wifi. Designed as a web a net. A spiritual war

  20. Sascha Powalowski says:

    mimimi I could lose 200.000 by pressing one wrong button after being awake 4 days on crack.

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