The Definite Article

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The usage of the definite article, the. This video is for students at a pre-intermediate level.

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The Definite Article,

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  1. Gleyce kelly gleyce kelly says:

    ah não entendi

  2. Khalid Jubarya says:

    Shouldn't we capitalize "S" in "The Sun"?

  3. Оля Евдокимова says:

    Could you tell me please if it's possible to say: Do you like listening to THE music?(if I want to know if the speaker likes to listen to the unique music or any kind of special music) Does the defenite article keep the meaning of the uniqueness in this case?

  4. Jonathan F. Azulay says:

    This is the most hilarious thing i have ever seen

  5. Luiz Santos says:

    I really liked great video. thanks

  6. gissela alvites says:

    good lesson

  7. Girly Girl says:

    Really helpful, thanks! <3

  8. Rebaz Freestyle says:

    thank you so much mr mark

  9. Иван Бабенков says:

    Nice speaker. 

  10. Bikash joshi says:

    like it

  11. Brenda Aurora Lopez says:

    Hi! Do you have a video on when not to use "the", for example we say "at work" and not "at the work"? Thanks!!!

  12. DUY PHAM XUAN says:

    Your video is very great !! Thanks a lot 🙂 Do you use facebook?? I want to speak with you on facebook !!

  13. Carlos García de andrés says:

    Where are you from?

  14. Jane Rocha says:

    It's a great lesson. We enjoy the way you explain it to us about the pronunciation of " the" with places. In fact, I thought I should pronounce it differently but stress the second word so that we can focus on the real meaning of the message. Thank you for sharing this video. We enjoy watching it very much. ? May you, all yours and everyone everywhere have a very pleasant and harmonious day. Joy, peace and harmony, everyone! ? 

  15. Mark Kulek says:

    The Definite Article, "The" | Easy English Conversation Practice | ESL

    Practice using THE 

  16. Mark Kulek says:

    Good Bucky! Yes, I will have the video for "A" next week.
    Thanks for watching!

  17. Bucky Oldham says:

    Thanks, I don't think the sound in my head, all I think a sign language in my head.
    I wonder if you don't mind showing me " A" later on? You are helping me a lot to understand better.
    Thanks Mark!

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