The Eyes of Nye S01 E04 Cloning

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Eyes of Nye was a science program airing on public television in the United States in 2005 and featuring Bill Nye. The show was more sophisticated than its predecessor Bill Nye the Science Guy, as it was aimed more toward adults and teenagers than children. All episodes were rated TV-G, except for “Addiction” and “The Evolution of Sex”, both rated TV-PG. The creation of the show was motivated by the success of the television program Bill Nye the Science Guy, as well as a widespread contempt among scientists for scientific journalism in the media. The program was based in Seattle, Washington, produced by Buena Vista Television and broadcast during primetime by KCTS, the local PBS affiliate. I own no rights to this. Sharing for educational purposes.

Drake and B O B admit to being Cloned.

Drake send a secret message to his mother and B.O.B Gives a camera confession about cloning celebrities.
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  1. Silver-Demon Productions says:

    Hi AP science class, how's it going?

  2. Sage Delaney says:

    Whats the song at 5:00 ?

  3. Ronan Bhatt says:

    I am not sure… But it's CRAZY!!!

  4. Tomas Salcedo says:

    okay, just saying, a cell has no brain or personality, so we can whatever we like.

  5. Tomas Salcedo says:

    9:30. NOPE. you're disgusting enough.

  6. Tomas Salcedo says:

    what is this show?

  7. LawoftheLandPA says:

    And W stood in the way of all this progress.

  8. diaverde09 says:

    2:57.  lol.  That joke was a bit dirtier than I would have expected from a Bill Nye show. 

  9. Matt Pascal says:

    this is bullshit if the government can clone then right when b.o.b exposed them he'd be replaced with a cloned rapper that has more talent and ability to go mainstream I don't believe it

  10. juantasy says:

    I knew it!!!!!

  11. John Rodriguez says:

    I would recommend listening to the Band 30 Seconds to Mars and the Band Muse (specially Muse)
    They leave hints of predictive programming through all there songs and music videos.

  12. This is not a feminist song! says:

    Shit scary.

  13. XxOutLawzxX says:

    lol only in Merica! notice how all the so called cloned celebritys are ones who believe in God why don't they ever show vids of people like Larry King, Robert Downy Jr., Seth Mcfarland etc. doing this shitt

  14. MGPtv says:

    Clones don't exist you must clone from birth. animals no but humans yes.

  15. Dubstepsnip33R says:

    Drake was talking about tory lanze and other less known rappers taking "his style" he still obviously illuminati tho

  16. wayne5009 says:

    i heard that if you have alot of money they make two clones of you and kill one in front of you . and say you can be replaced

  17. Chloe bethany Thompson says:


  18. Mister Understood says:

    They're all Synths! All of em! The instit- I mean illuminati has turned them all to fucking synths

  19. Matt Allen says:

    shotym34: retard

  20. Angrii Hippy says:

    If any of you want to know the truth about cloning go and do some A levels then go to university and then you will realise how far away we are from even cloning an animal that is capable of reproduction or surviving alone . I work in this sector and you all really don't know what you are talking about and to believe these videos when the guy can't reveal any facts at all ,he does not use scientific terms even because he is a hoaxer. If it was really happening we would need funding that none of the who can afford and as there are much more pressing issues in the world it will be many years till we get funded. For a Kanye clone to grow from baby to man would take more than 30 years but johnny Depp clones would take 50 years to get to be looking like these videos say. Clones are born as babies not full grown animals and you all can go college to learn what is so obviously a subject you all know nothing about . My guess is you all sit watching utube all day and got your facts here . Go study for real #openyoureyes

  21. Angrii Hippy says:

    All you,naive people who refuse to believe truth , I work in the uni where Dolly was cloned and we are still only able to clone a few animals, we need to do many more years and years of research before we can even think about starting to research cloning entire humans. The animals we have managed to clone have been successful insomuch as they became living creatures but the few that actually survived were far from functional and dolly is still our biggest success even though she was considered very basic and failed in more ways than she succeeded. This guy who makes these films has used photo shop and sound shifting and amalgamation and algorithms to make these videos to entertain you all and make his money. They are not in any way honest or truthful and he is very unprofessional using people's mental health and paranoia to get him views. The fact you believe his bullshit video over scientific facts proves my point here 100% . None of you have came up with any scientific evidence to prove me wrong and you will all see when your in your later years and we can finally clone animals successfully and we start working on humans how wrong you all are here . Sorry to burst all your bubbles but these cloning claims are all made up fiction not real science yet. We are still more than 30 years away from beginning to try and clone anything other than animals but neither the American or European economies are able to afford to fund us and funding was actually withheld nearly twenty years ago . Sorry guys but you all need to go to some university and study if you want to know the truth.

  22. FAT LESBO BIEBER says:

    please tell me the FUCKING significance of lying about whether the earth is flat or not. you guys are fucking lunatics. WHO THE HELL WANTS 2 B.O.B's!!????

  23. Wxlf Haley says:

    You guys need to look at the facts. Kanye West goes of ranting at a concert. Says ALOT of info that shouldn't have been said. Tells Jay Z not to send shooters. Next 2 weeks, he's dying his hair blonde and pink, talking with Donald Trump, acting hella quiet now. He's been replaced.

  24. GD Dyno says:

    I can't stand it when people bring up Flat Earth.

  25. ilie ilascu says:

    Drake, Drake …. just another faggot who calls himself "rapper". And he would like to be seen as a "gangster" .Well lemme remind you that "gangster" is a male term. You cannot be a gangster while you take it up the ass. A gangster is a man , not a bitch !

  26. Sao Salazar says:

    drake is gay, thats why he got shot in the degrassi show they found gay azz porn in his locker one had bitch eyez like bow wow

  27. Bdeye Bdeye says:

    You people should slit your throats. You people are so fucking stupid….please kill your children and your grandmother, wife,moms,daughters , everyone in you entire family should die…..fucking waste of space, complete dumb fucks. and this fool in the video and on no one's Radar no person on this planet not even his mama want 2 dumb ass nig like this damn fool

  28. Ur Gr8 says:

    B O B is a self admitted troll

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