The Historical prints of Nigeria

Monday, January 9, 2017

Nigeria is an important Muslim state in Africa. The history of Nigeria is very ancient, dates back to 5th century BC when the Nok civilization colonized here then Hausa, and Fulani. Islam came here in 13th century by the empire Kanem.  In 1851, the British occupied the territory. It formally united as Protectorate of Nigeria in 1914. Now it’s quite an urbanized state where each day people from all over the world obtain for multiple purposes. The state has been holding hundreds of monuments, buildings, villages etc telling the stories and showing the faint prints of civilization of hundreds years ago, curious people in search of these prints excitedly get the flights to Nigeria to satisfy their eagerness and curiosity.


Osun Shrine is located at the bank of River Osun. The shrine is a holy place for the religious community Osogbo. Many religious people who make their reservations of. tickets to Nigeria essentially approach to the shrine as many Yoruba gods are displayed in the site.


The Ancient City of lfe in Osun State also contains the Yoruba ethnicity. Hundreds of years ago the Yoruba people started life here and still they are living and following the traditions and customs of their hundreds years old ancestors and legends.




The historic Idanre Hillsarelocated in Idanre town in the state of Ondo. The high hills shining in the bright sun, makes an awesome mold of nature and good tourist attractions. One of the hills has six hundred steps and the top displays the complete work and beauty of the site and adventurers who get the climb up the steps as a challenge.


Birikisu Sungbo Shrineis located in Ogun State. Birikisu Sungbo was an Arab lady, considered as the Biblical Queen of Sheba. Every year at the Moslem festival the religious groups gathered heavily at the shrine, special are issued and people come for prayers and blessings. It is believed that the one who visits the shrine asks for something will get his appeal met.

The Iron of Liberty is a building in Lokoja. It is monument constructed in British salve period in 19 century. Lokoja was centre for slaves detained from slave traders to be freed. The spot was marked with an iron pole now famous as the “Iron of Liberty”. If you are also get in there by cheap tickets to Nigeria in search of historical marks then do watch that location.

NOK Village the ancient village in Kaduna State civilized about 2,500 years ago. The most appreciated mark of the village is a high minaret which was built to watch the enemies now turned into a monument. The internationally renowned archaeologists reserve to make their research on the antique village.

I am a business woman. I am fond of traveling, tourism especially exploring the old and ancient buildings as they talk to you, they tell you the stories of their times, Cheap tickets to Nigeria they tell you that once they were full of life and a lot. Means they spell a magic and charm on you that is just indescribable.

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