The IB Economics Internal Assessment – Getting Started

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Internal Assessment in IB Economics gives students the opportunity to write a commentary on a news article of their choosing. In this lesson I’ll help students get off to a strong start on their first Econ IA: Where to learn about the requirements of the IA, how to find a good article, and what to do before you start writing the commentary itself.

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  1. hina nihal says:

    Very useful video Mr. Welker

  2. Michal Karlubik says:

    Hey thanks for the great videos, I'm just curious about the song in the intro, what is it called?

  3. HappyDudesPlaying says:

    I will be writing my first economics IA in about a month from now on microeconomics. So far, I have been using your videos along with my textbook in order to study ahead of class and have been doing very well and am achieving very high marks. Hopefully, this will be very useful once the assessment is formally assigned. Again, thank you very much for these very useful videos.

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