Monday, April 15, 2019

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  1. Kevi O says:

    They over pumped in the pain narcotics in the 80's -90's early 2000s to adverently create a major problem with pill mills hooking addicts legally, stigmatizing the legitimate need of this medication for those who actually need it. When they went in to Afghanistan, FOR the drug comanies, and started militarizing the poppy fields and ramping up production, it resulted in a glut in opium creating the reintroduction of street H to offset the over production, creating an even more lucrative market facilitated by the alphabet agencies. To these pharmaceutical companies it doesn't matter where the revenue comes from. And there's plenty of unaccountable cash available to spread around. It's no accident it's been planned for a long time.

  2. Katherine Guthrie says:

    Thanks My Friend !!! God Thats just a Bunch of Bullshit & Lie's !!! Glad you SHARING THIS !!! THANK YOU AGAIN !!! My Sister Overdosed a few Years ago from her "PAIN PILL'S" !!! & I'm still Angry because she tried to Kill herself a Month earlier, but her dr. Gave her All HER MEDS for the The Next Month. So she Took her own Life Because she couldnt handle "Her Life" anymore !!! IT'S BULLSHIT & I AGREE WITH YOU !!! Im sick of the "Shit" too.

  3. Tamee Marie Purdy-Trammell says:

    They truly Are Lying and Propagandising this Issue created by The Practising Medical "Doctors" and Mental "health" Abusers of LIFE

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