The Purpose of Friendship

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our desire to build good and lasting friendships is often undermined by a lack of focus on what friendship should really be about. Getting clear about what friendship is for isn’t cynical; it provides the foundation for genuine bonds. If you like our films, take a look at our shop (we ship worldwide):
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“Friendship should be one of the high points of existence, and yet it’s also the most routinely disappointing reality.
Too often, you’re at supper at someone’s house: there’s an impressive spread and the hosts have evidently gone to a lot of trouble. But the conversation is meandering and devoid of real interest. It flits from an over-long description of the failings of the inflight service on a particular airline to a strangely heated discussion about the tax code. The intentions of the hosts are hugely touching, but (as so often) we go home wondering what on earth the whole performance was about…”
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Rosa Fisher


  1. Novels reader says:

    Friendships are complicated because we all live in our own reality. We all have our own version of what is acceptable and what is wrong, and if someone doesn't understand our point of view we immediately distance ourselves from those people. Its not our fault either, its just the human condition. All we can do is strive to improve ourselves everyday.

  2. Conner Fields says:

    we talk about bridging the analytic-continental divide, and also the divide between the "two cultures" (the sciences and the humanities), but there appear to be another set of "two cultures" that have been neglected and those are rural and urban culture. How can social philosophy, or maybe social theory in general mend the gap between these two cultures that appear to have existed since Ancient Greece?

  3. Ram Dino says:

    I see that OnePunch man grew some hair on his head and he let himself go a bit.

  4. Priyanka Shrivastav says:

    I don't have friends and don't want anyone. everyone hurts me in their own way. only I m good for myself . don't need anyone. happy in my own thought.

  5. Maddy d'Epagnier says:

    Moved to a new school this year.2016-2017. Its already halfway through the school year and i question daily whether i have any "real" friends. I have people i talk to at lunch and text, but i always wonder if i have anyone who would be there for me in times of need. Sadly, i dont think i do.

  6. Chia Wu says:

    How to define friendship? Anyone in here know the answer?

  7. afa86 says:


  8. Shannon Nicole says:

    Thanks I was so confused why I would ever want any.

  9. Fakku Babe says:

    Needed this.

  10. Umneriko says:

    The way those puzzle pieces fit makes me sexually uncomfortable. lol

  11. misshappynun says:

    This is really good. So many people are afraid of being transparent and sharing weaknesses.blessings :)

  12. Miguel Lepiz says:

    That man has the nicest home I've seen in a cartoon

  13. Robin Gilliver says:

    Being social is overrated.

  14. Mezien Benmaamar says:

    it is also truly unfortunate when protofriends are the product of circumstance and no real alternative rather than genuinity.

  15. Mezien Benmaamar says:

    it is also truly unfortunate when protofriends are the product of circumstance and no real alternative rather than genuinity.

  16. Mohammed Fadous says:

    I love this channel … great content and elegant presentation

  17. Sophia Shakti says:

    the truth is that friendship is tit for tat. We tend to like to have friends with the higher social status. Essentially friendship is only good if you get the same adoration in return or united by common cause or gossip. in urban world, after certain age, "friends" are only for certain things – play golf, cards, church. True friendship is dead in the world of consumerism.

  18. TASHHHH says:

    This explains a lot about my life.

  19. Crimson Cimmerian says:

    i always thought friendship had a purpose. I need that shit. I need people. without human interaction, what does that make me? Arrogant, a mess, and impulsive all at once.

  20. Virgin Weaboo says:

    0:34 brain damage of 9/11

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