The Real Narcissists article: I Disagree

Friday, September 23, 2016

The Real Narcissists article: I Disagree

There was an article published in a Psychology Magazine about how Narcissism is an overused label and I disagree with this article in part so wanted to share it.

Psychology Today, Sept 5, 2017, Webber, R.
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  1. Alicia Huidor says:

    yes!! I have ben subscribed to since about 2010

  2. GMarie -Behind The Mask- says:

    DD you are absolutely right Narcissism is running ramped especially in the US my mother is a Overt Narcissist and a huge embarrassment in public she ruined my modeling chances when I was a young girl out of jealousy she thinks everyone is against her and she's the one who hates people for no reason at all I admit she had passed on a lot of bad traits onto me and I developed borderline personality and I had narcissistic traits when I was a teen and young adult I went threw complete meltdowns in front of her and my other family members and they did absolutely nothing to help me or try and understand they just abused me further I have become self aware and have gone through some therapy which I plan on continuing

  3. Red Poppy says:

    Great video. Thank you for sharing! I will be looking forward to the next one.

  4. Dee Mazzei says:

    I totally agree with the above.  Don't be deluded.  Each of knows one or more Narcissists.  Read "You're Not Crazy – It's Your Mother".  This book gives the exact definition and is written by the daughter of a raging narcissist.  It was after reading her book that I realized that my own mother is a narcissist.   Cut her out of my life 7 years ago.  Only way to save myself as narcissistic mothers are also abusive and lack empathy.  Delusion Dispeller is right on.

  5. Wayne Pret says:

    sounds like she may be a nac

  6. james cooper says:

    years ago… we talked about givers and takers. giving was good , taking bad. B.S. Now we've got narcissism , former takers. it sounds much better. narcissists are bad , empaths are good. has anything really changed ? to me it's like fashion , if you're old enough you have seen it before, it's just gets recycled under a new label. A marketing trick. But it gets people talking .

  7. Selena Critchfield says:

    Mark Smith of Family Tree Counseling also made a video on this article in Psychology today. You both are so on point with everything you say. Thank you for your videos. You were the first person I discovered years ago when I started my journey putting the pieces of the puzzle of narc behavior together. It took me sixteen years to go 'no contact' as I was never sure. The behavior didn't fit exactly. There was some empathy (Borderlines have some empathy) and there was the punishing discard cycles of the Narc. When I found a video on comorbid Cluster B behavior, I felt validated. I believe many, many have comorbid NPD/BPD behavior which adds to the confusion when trying to discover WTF is wrong with this picture! Would welcome videos on the comorbid Cluster B behavior. Soooo grateful your dad helped with a new camera and have appreciated your videos for years.

  8. Deborah Atkinson says:

    Real malignant narcissist traits always present clearly. The only misconception I can see is the similarity of one of the traits, the lack of empathy is one shared by those with Aspergers. The real narcissist is easy to recognise if you research this issue. Narcissism is the scourge of our society. Two women a week are being MURDERED in the UK as a result of domestic abuse. Thanks DD, you have helped me with your videos as well as Richard Grannon and Sam Vaknin. Good work!

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