The Real Science of Forensics

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

In this episode of SciShow, we’re going to investigate a murder. But first, we’re going to have to learn all about forensics, the use of science in criminal law — and the real-life version is a little different from what you might see on TV.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Stop Believing TV’s Lies: The Real Truth About "Enhancing" Images

Today we are talking about 3 scientists who, through their collective inventions and discoveries, have saved millions of lives.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda

How Measles Made a Comeback
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5 People Who Literally Saved the World
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  1. Strixxygirl says:

    Better than Criminal Minds.

  2. Sevak Ghazarian says:

    paterns like beats lol

  3. Alkenrinnstet says:

    There is a slight inaccuracy. Yes, it is impossible to enhance the pixels of a photo. But when you are working with a still from a video, it is actually possible to enhance it (to a limited degree), because you can interpolate using the frames before and after the frame you are paused at.

  4. Adam Colon says:

    damnit, i need answers!?! Who killed Charlie??!?!?!

  5. Talentless Jack says:

    Geez I remember watching some crime show with my dad's gf and there was a cctv film with no sound so they used the vibrations of the leaves on the plants behind the people and turned it into a perfect audio recording within like 5 minutes.

  6. Mrfluffy Cuddlez1 says:

    I'm pretty sure it was the second sons that killed him… lmao

  7. PopularityCreep says:

    He's out of time and game of thrones is about to be on. LOL

  8. Victoria Reyna says:

    i like this viedo because you learn about since

  9. 57210chevy says:

    dont that reaction work on iron in the hemoglobin well its a iron wrench ?

  10. Verty says:

    Best episode

  11. Riccardo Martinelli says:

    no more aranda please

  12. 083proudmama says:

    Lame! Who done it and why? lol I hate cliffhangers ?

  13. Aric Whitehead says:

    Rigor mortis lasts up to 48 hours, not 36, and is caused by calcium buildup in the joints which occurs because blood-flow can't remove it.

  14. James Bone says:

    I've seen basically every episode of Forensic Files ever made and thought I had seen basically every episode SciShow ever made and somehow I just stumbled across this episode today. Thank you YouTube Gods.

  15. Bionicle Legonerd says:

    How do they test for rigor motis

  16. Bionicle Legonerd says:

    You forgot one thing. You had to infer the the blood on the wrench was Bob's before framing Charlie. Remember, all suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Also, why run a You tube channel if you want to watch TV all day.

  17. Bionicle Legonerd says:

    Why so many TV relations?

  18. Robert Pruitt says:

    not even identical twins have identical dna.
    if you dig deep enough into it there are differences. every human born has between(roughly) 30-120 totally random mutations….even identical twins.

  19. TheRedRaccoonDog says:

    A dead man in Chicago who died at 7 PM during winter. Vampires did it.

  20. blue hart says:

    jesus is the only one that saved my life

  21. Elias Simon says:

    Yet another piece of culture that whites stole from blacks…

  22. Manuel Falcon Marcano says:

    Hey, guys! How 'bout an episode on antimatter? Please

  23. Charles Smith says:

    Sorry, I would put Norman Borlaug ahead of all these people as impressive as they are. You talk about millions of lives saved? Norman Borlaug is credited with feeding a BILLION people.

    In 1970 he was awarded the noble peace prize. You research staff missed this one.

  24. approximately 47 bees says:

    My favorite scientist is probably Frederick Banting, who created artificial insulin with his partner. Once they realized insulin works on dogs, a room of DKA patients were injected. As they finished injecting the last patient, the first one woke from their coma. Sadly they used animal testing, but without it, I wouldn't be alive, along with millions of other people.

  25. Zachary Stone (Zack) says:

    "No scientist is an island"
    Unless he is on an island,
    and always been there alone.
    And is curious.
    Curious enough to ask questions, and experiment.

  26. Tigress Arcnon says:

    things coming from nothing breaks the law of conservation.

  27. Brohcoli says:

    What about Ignaz Semmelweis

  28. IceFried says:

    You know.. the world might be a bit fucked what with all the terrorist attacks and all, but boy am i glad i was born in this era.

  29. Christian Saunders says:

    bad time to eat a roast beef sandwich

  30. CosmicMeteor says:

    Wait… Baby mice don't come from hay? WHAT THE FUDGE SCHOOL!! WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL ME THIS!

  31. Sceptagon says:

    My parents were anti-vax when I was a toddler, so I didn't end up getting my MMR until I was 16 and "old enough" to make my own decision.
    Thankfully I managed to dodge the measles outbreaks when I was younger so I consider myself lucky to have not been affected before then. Getting the MMR was one of the first things I did when I gained legal autonomy.

  32. Legend Of Gwepze says:

    Where's Bill Nye the Science Guy???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Arbor Day says:

    Norman Borlaug thinks it's cute, saving just millions of lives.

  34. Max Burger-Roy says:

    I thought that Van Leeuenhoek was the father of microbiology

  35. sandy Liao says:


  36. Maya M says:

    my dad works at merck as a biostatistician and he's obsessed with maurice hillman. i can't tell you how many times he's told me about how cool and significant he was. a lot. he told me a lot.

  37. SDD SDA says:

    Why can't we make vaccines for HIV or other viruses?

  38. Dustin Rodriguez says:

    One of the things that has fascinated me since I was a child when finding out what people used to believe was why they believed the wrong thing, and why they resisted the truth when it was discovered. With spontaneous generation and germ theory, the biggest reason people refused to believe in microscopic organisms that could cause disease is because they believed that God created the world specifically for mankind. And in a world created specifically for mankind, it would not make sense for there to be organisms which man could not even see which could kill them.

    Lister's findings were fought against very vocally. Doctors, and people who supported doctors, found his ideas as tremendously insulting. The suggestion that doctors could be introducing infection to their patients while trying to heal them was seen as the most malicious smear on their character possible. When reading about Lister, it is usually explained (and I was surprised to not see it featured in this video) that he worked at a hospital in which many doctors would deliver babies immediately after performing autopsies, without washing their hands between tasks. Infant mortality in that hospital was astronomically high. Lister was seen as accusing the doctors of being babykillers.

    At the time, the public perception of doctors was seen as a crucial thing to preserve. Much of medical practice was as much superstition and guesswork as it was science, and doctors were seen as virtuous and doing their best to 'do no harm.' To face that people with the best intentions are actually causing tremendous damage and death is always difficult, especially for the people themselves. You see this a lot whenever parenting is discussed too. Parents are doing an important job, they have the best intentions, so no one, especially not most parents, is willing to consider that they might be doing far more harm than good.

  39. Chad M (The Dominator) says:

    Have you heard what the MMR vaccine has done to children. HAVE YOUUUUUU!!!!

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