The Six Articles of Faith

Monday, May 16, 2016

The six articles of faith in Islam
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  1. Rabid Khan says:

    I am very happy to be muslim, and since i started following islam sincerely, it really puts me at peace and the feeling is unimaginable. Allhamdulilah. May everyone else soon enough feel this way.

  2. hbk711x says:

    Asalaam aleikum Companions.
    There are 3 aspects to Tawheed as the Ulama describe.

    1) ONess of the Lordship (As this video describes)

    2) ONess of the Worship of Allah alone which Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him also called to. (The Christians believe God The father created everything and attribute Lordship to him however focus ALL worship to Jesus the Son, This is blasphemy in Islam like other pagans who worship statues)

    3) Names and Attributes that Allah has taught us.

  3. 0SB says:

    Mash'Allah so beautiful!!

  4. laillahailaallahify says:

    very nice job carry on broth

  5. laillahailaallahify says:

    mashallah . number 01 mean that in Islam there's no trinity that i have tried to understand her meaning i found that's it's not just hard to take but it mean no thing and to be Muslim or being Muslim is to be subjected to the will of God or allah which mean that all the prophets were subjected to his will including jesus they were Muslims

  6. laillahailaallahify says:

    thanks to asking i wanted to know so beautiful song or nasheed

  7. TheMercifulServant says:

    Ahmed Bukhatir – Remember Them.

  8. TenkanVlog says:

    I think this video would be one of my favorites out of all the ones you upload, mashallah.

    Keep it up! 😀

  9. Osamarulx says:

    may I know the name of background nasheed?

  10. uzzie88 says:

    Islam is so so beautiful, why would anyone want to avoid it? for greed? ridiculous

  11. PrinceJamal95 says:

    @grnwvfm may Allah guide your family to the right path along with all of us

  12. Grnwvfm says:

    Ma'shallah. Thank you. I sent it to my family so that they could see that everything I was taught as a christian is why I became a muslim. In'shallah, may they see it and understand better and see why Islam has been ordained for all people.

  13. SequoyahDarling says:


  14. IslamRevert says:

    Jazak Allah Khairan,
    May Allah SWT reward you.

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