The State Of World War 1 – As Reported by A Newspaper 100 Years Ago I THE GREAT WAR – Week 60

Friday, September 8, 2017

This week Indy dissects a contemporary source from autumn 1915 – the Hobart Mercury Newspaper from Australia. You can find the whole newspaper right here:

While the French and British prepare a new offensive on the Western Front, their Entente ally Russia is still suffering in the East when Germany is moving on the last big Russian city of Vilnius. Even though the propaganda says otherwise, the situation for the ANZACs in Gallipoli still looks grim.

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  1. Moreganplease says:

    Love the ending with your version of the war. I really love how you guys always drive home the point of the horrors of war.

  2. kingofprussia17 says:

    So what you are saying Indy is that the press was spreading Fake News? Why does that sound so familiar??? Funny how nothing has changed in a hundred years.

  3. lancer D says:

    Hearing the newspaper makes we wonder what effect the war had on Atlas sales. Even with an education system focused much more heavily on geography than today, war news was coming from all over the globe mentioning towns and regions most people would never have heard about. I have to assume there were a lot of maps being sold so that people could follow the news and keep track of what was happening and where.

  4. JohnnyElRed says:

    Indy would have been executed by treason a long time ago working as a journalist in war times. XD

  5. Ludis Meija says:

    You are pronouncing Rīga wrong

  6. 11Kralle says:

    "Im Westen nichts Neues" (nothing new on the western front) – the german approach of ww1-propaganda by omission.
    …20 years later the only thing that worked professionally until the end was an (not yet to be called as such) orwellian ministry of truth under the reign of one cloque-footed catholic.

  7. abdi yusuf says:

    germany the greatest cuntry ever

  8. Eric Scarborough says:

    Excellent episode and idea to look at one contemporary source!! Well done!!

  9. Andrew Pursell says:

    Hey. Love the show I'm from Tasmania. quite happy to have Tasmania spoken about in your videos as we are the second smallest state in Australia.

  10. Vedran Bileta says:

    What a refreshing approach. But I have one issue with the channel in general. Keep in mind, my most recent video is this one, so I am still stuck in 1915, and I do not know if anything changed later.

    But my only issue is that there are surprisingly few quotes (or none) by both German historians (or Austrians or Ottomans), and the soldiers of respective side. I am happy that the channel is not biased (at least regarding the facts), but it would be nice to have variety in eyewitness account and histories. As the Great War was ambiguous one, with no real villain, and heroes on all sides.

  11. Nathaniel Davis says:

    Love your news article. of what would you write. It's so sad, accurate, but funny become I know it would be not published.

  12. Bahadır Onur Güdürü says:

    5:23 I didn't get why you think that allies were in worse conditions in terms of health and supplies? I remember reading that Ottomans can only supply half a loan of a bread every day. Nothing else has been given to the soldiers. Sometimes they do not even giving anything. They were lacking of tools and technologies at the time. Can I get a source for your statement ?

    Very good show btw

  13. Mike Brammer says:

    I used to correct my World History and U.S. History teachers all the time back in high school. My U.S. History teacher was appreciative of my input, and accepted it. My World History teacher forbade me from taking part in the discussions after a while, because it got to the point of she would say something, and then the class looked at me to either confirm or correct it. It was really bad during our study of the World Wars, which have been a point of study for me.

  14. HM The Tsar of Russia says:

    Ah, mentioning the River Vilna! Hearing that river's name always makes me think of "The Hunt For Red October" (both the Tom Clancy book, and the movie version of the book, seeing as Captain Ramius was a Lithuanian from Vilnius):

    CAPT. MARKO RAMIUS, VMF: There's a river, not unlike this one, near Vilnius, where my grandfather taught me to fish. Do you still like to fish, Ryan?

    JACK RYAN, CIA: Mm-Hmm! (** nods **)

    CAPT. MARKO RAMIUS, VMF: "And the sea will grant each man new hope, as sleep brings dreams of home." – Christopher Columbus.

    JACK RYAN, CIA: Welcome to the New World, sir.

  15. Paul Middleton says:

    from HOBART? – Couldn't you have chosen Sydney or Melbourne?

  16. TheGixernutter says:

    Hello Chaps. The whole thing is Bloody Ghastly, i have been moved to tears more than once. Keep going strong it is so important that people get to know all this stuff. No, it is essential they know. Lest we Forget.

  17. Olivier Labrèche says:

    Indy, please start a global newspaper. You get my subscription!

  18. xXE4GLEyEXx says:

    The media always lied… yet people to this day follow its BS blindly

  19. Luiz Alex Phoenix says:

    Oh, so the war was peaceful during this week? Nice to know… I am sure the thousands of deaths might be something against it, though.

  20. Steve Kaczynski says:

    I would suppose neutral newspapers were most objective, having less of an axe to grind.

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