The Truth About Illegal Immigrants: Was Donald Trump Right?

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Truth About Illegal Immigrants: Was Donald Trump Right?

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The topic of Immigration – including Illegal Immigrants, Refugees or Migrants – provokes an incredibly strong reaction from many different people. With Donald Trumps’ rapid rise in American politics and his controversial statements about Illegal Immigrants – many people are letting their ideology trump facts, reason and evidence. This presentation is the first in a series which looks to dispel the myths about Immigrants – and aims to separate the facts from the fiction with strict data analysis.

Why are people so concerned about Immigration in the United States of America? Who is coming into the United States both legally and illegally – and how has it changed over time? Are Illegal Immigrants able to vote? How do Immigrants impact electoral politics? Do Immigrants favor big government or smaller government? How do their political positions change over time – are Immigrants friends of freedom?


The Truth About Immigration: What They Won’t Tell You!

IQ and Immigration | Jason Richwine and Stefan Molyneux

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  1. Jamo Otman says:

    hey you know what an illegal immigrant and a cue ball have in common?

    the harder you hit them the more English you get out of them

  2. Joe billionaire says:

    Just let them all in, evacuate south america..only rule…they cant live in any city within 50 miles of atlantic or pacific ocean. there is a gigantic middle of america that is litterally completely empty. practically everyone lives near the oceans

  3. Johan Uylenbroeck says:

    I am a legal immigrant and it took me 15 years and over 12000 dollars to become a naturalized American. I love this country but we are going the wrong way. Laws are to be respected by everyone…this is all set up by the Democrats to turn the USA in a third world country and allow room for corruption…I am afraid it's too late because people I talk to do not get it…most Americans still believe the US government is better than in other countries…one day when they wake up…it's too late. I predict that the USA will be a third world country by 2045 if we elect Hillary Clinton. I know Donald Trump is not a politician but a business man who doesn't talk politically correct. But let me tell you this, I do not care about his political skills, we need someone to put America first again….and remember this ; if you let people from third world countries come in illegally you will never be able to look into your own kids eyes and tell them they are wrong for not obeying the law….I lived in south America and people that live a poor life style there will create the same world here…they will be easily corrupted by the government who gives them food stamps and a 50 dollar bill…you will loose you jobs because with time there will be so much poor competition that you will have to work for free…it's a cycle and it started with Obama…I never did see it coming but it is now at our doorsteps…

  4. Mr. Rick Gaandi says:

    USA; Targeted by illegal southern Catholics with USA authorities on their payroll.. From 1960 to now the Old world Catholic Vatican bank destroyed USA with a coordinated illegal invasion of 120 million south illegal alien killer drug dealers and slave runners over the time. Catholics money launder profit from1976-2016 is 1 Billion daily. TIME for YOU to Be an American. Our Country has given into the Evil Money from illegal Drug activity of the South of the border Catholics who launder the drug money from the Vulnerable, USA youths. Since 1976 Over 500 youths die each day from the Queen's and catholic's heroin alone in North America. That is over 10 million+ overdoses and drug related DEATHS since 1976 ,War is on ,moral people escalate war .We need players/Patriots to donate time, fight and Spirit to recover a better life for USA Citizens. Volunteers to spread the New World; not the "One world Old world Government." USA /Patriotism; you get active. We need to remove tax exemption status from the Catholic church. Confiscate their bank accounts and properties for the cost states incurred by their street drug killers. USA rid ourselves of Rome's/Mexican evil USA presence. Heritage legal Americans your American Dream is not for you or your children, it is for the illegal mex to capture the dream while killing your children with drugs/evil. Make the mex disappear. Citizen volunteers guard the border. In Mexico 99.9% of murders go uninvestigated. Use It, Organize in small groups to combat the evil invasion , so We good prevail. Legalize all Drugs by Doctor. Make murder by street drug a crime punishable by execution on pay per view. Catholics are to pay for every Dollar they cost Americans over their illegal invasion of 70 years and compensate account for every American life lost. free vasectomies for youth blacks/mex + $500 cash. Bounties on street dealers and big drug dealers 25% dead or alive. Bounties on illegal aliens D or A $200. Thanks 8189686997 Mr. K

  5. One Tray says:

    White people do the devil's bidding that's for sure they came all the way to America from Europe and committed the genocide of an entire race and not to mention they enslaved the black race and they still have the nerve talk about immigrants and how bad people from other nationalities are take a good a look in the fuckin mirror you hypocrite piece of shit . Hell is gonna be full of white people that's for sure

  6. Christopher Marsh says:

    well I am white and intelligent and grew up very comfortably (dad's inflation adjusted income up to $94K per year by 1987). Web tech guy.

    if success were so sociologically predictable (I have that too) I'd be a Republican. Screw you for being less intelligent.

    But Asperger throws a fucking money wrench into things. Somebody who isn't comfortable with you has effective veto power over your success.

    Isn't it funny how our experiences shape our politics?

  7. The Anti Humor Man says:

    Want to send an Illegal back to where he came from? Go to the GoFundMe extension 2awm9w4

  8. Monkey D Theories says:

    Only the smartest Indians and Pakistanis come to America so I doubt that IQ thing is accurate

  9. Kimberly Griffin says:

    My house has a fence from bad guys entering, is it wrong?

  10. blkctthwt says:

    Great content and splendid orator.

  11. Donald Trumps' Channel [Official]VEVO says:

    Yes, I'M RIGHT!

  12. richme richyou says:

    Great presentation! Spot on data!

  13. Grammar Nazi says:

    We could of solved this problem in the Mexican-American war…

  14. Thizzmarley 186 says:


  15. Lancelot Xavier says:

    I have lived long enough to know that "feel good" logic only goes so far.
    America is a sinking life boat. Bleeding heart liberals want no one thrown out of the boat. They believe it is better that we all die.
    I am more practical. A selection process should save the best among us.

  16. MrBalrog64 says:

    Liberalism = evil.

  17. Ashwin 1 says:

    You idiot you pick on Indians yet we are the RICHEST ethnic group in America and the most successful. You're clearly an idiot.

  18. Jay Jay says:

    Liberals Avoid FACTS at ALL COSTS!
    An " illegal" in the US is a "Criminal by Law! There have been Millions of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS that have come to the US including my Grandparents! Why should "illegals get to go to the Front of the line while MILLIONS of Asians, Europeans, Africans , Spaniards, and Russians among many others wait 20 years to get into the USA!

  19. TheWhat667 says:

    In the history of humankind, great civilizations have existed and have become extinct. America is not an exception.

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