The WORST Reason To Open A Gym

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The WORST Reason To Open A Gym

This video covers the most common why most people want to open their own gym. In my opinion, it’s also the WORST reason to open your own gym. If you are thinking about opening a gym you should watch this video first because it might save you a lot of money, time, and hardship.

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  1. Joey trevino says:

    this roast tho

  2. FordTheKid says:

    What if I want to open a gym for me, but I let other people donate money for letting them use it?

  3. Anthony Grigoryan says:

    What if you just make one at home for yourself

  4. Ramsey Dewey says:

    I opened my own gym 8 years ago- the first MMA gym in Shanghai, China. Everything you said here is basically the same as my experience… Except I would add- be really cautious about choosing business partners, because that can complicate things even more.

  5. Christine Henson says:

    Where were you three years ago? I had my own gym, and everything you said is true. Always stressing about money, 80 hour weeks, no time to train, hardly saw my kids, members wanting this and that. I was in the Army for 14 years so I can understand your motivation all too well. I sold the gym at a loss because I hated the stress and not having any time for my family. I'm glad I did, but I'm grateful for the lessons I learned. I'm much happier now in my ordinary job, with an ordinary salary, but extraordinary training.

  6. RecklessTruth says:

    I want to open my gym because i hate the big gyms they all suck ass!

  7. Khechari says:

    The best reason to start a business that almost no one ever thinks of:

    "I'm so sick of the greed and shitty practices in my country, I want to run a business RIGHT for the sake of my country."

  8. Micheal Ponce says:

    Alan I hear you on this. I tell people all the time

  9. bluehorse888 says:

    Ive been a business owner now for 8 years and the number one thing I learned is how to delegate and get other people working for you. A lot of people have this idea of 'no can do it but me', but they're wrong. Make yourself superfluous in your business. If you're working 14 hours a day you're doing it wrong.

  10. Bart Somerson says:

    Did anyone else feel like they were taken for a stern car ride by their dad?

  11. Garrett Groller says:

    You are a wise man Alan. I have been a business owner for ten years now in a completely different business but I did it for the same reasons as you.

  12. Marcus Lewer says:

    Great video, for any business idea. Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

  13. Nick Martyn says:

    Great info

  14. sugar boxing says:

    well said brother

  15. Christofer James De Chavez says:

    thanks man.

  16. resistance156 says:

    When I was in college and figuring out what I wanted to do, I thought about studying exercise science multiple times, but I always asked myself the question, "Would I want to train other people?" The answer for me was always a resounding "No". It's hard enough to motivate yourself sometimes. I would not have patience for others, that wouldn't want to work hard, etc. I do love lifting and plan to do it as long as possible and this January just purchased equipment to start my home gym (Titan T3 Rack, Ohio Power Bar, bunch of used weights off craigslist, 3 4×6' horse stall mats, olympic dumbbell handles, Rogue utility bench, and bunch of bands). I love it. Super convenient when I pressed for time between work and school. I love the gym I'm a member of too (privately owned), but I can only make there once or twice a week now, so I can still get 3-4 workouts in a week with my garage gym.

  17. Mark Johnson says:

    Hey Alan, I’m thinking of opening my own gym. Is it worth it? Don’t ask me, don’t ask anyone else is something is worth it. You should know in your gut whether something is worth it. I didn’t ask anyone, and I didn’t even like talking about it with anyone else. I knew that it would be worth it. I knew that I wanted to do it. When you make a decision to do something you have to be all in. You cannot say “I want to do it if it’s worth it” or “I want to do it if I don’t lose money” or “I want to do it if it’s easy” or “I want to do it if it works out”. You want to do it, and that’s that. If you want to make it happen, you have got to make it happen regardless of what it takes.

  18. zweiosterei says:

    Hey Alan, could you talk about the good things and benefits of owning a gym? Thanks.

  19. Omar says:

    Inspiring thanks Allan.

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