This Test Will Show How Good Your Memory Is

Monday, March 19, 2018

Which logo is correct? Do you have a photographic memory? Bright Side offers you an interesting test: choose a logo, and check yourself!

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  1. BRIGHT SIDE says:

    Hey guys! So, how good is your memory? Did you get them all correct?

  2. Kazan the Peerless says:

    Estrella never heard that brand ever and i got it wrong, no surprise.

  3. aa bb says:

    I got bmw and vW wrong

  4. Submersed24 says:

    I didn't get a single one wrong. But most are obvious if you understand graphics design

  5. 12345 Sixseveneight says:

    Wow I got Pepsi wrong

  6. Ousvec says:

    The right logo is on the right. You act like there is some other option. 😁

  7. Eventz says:

    I got Nutella wrong lol

  8. Baron Von Vadamagma says:

    The Pepsi one was easy for me because I had Pepsi right beside me while watching this.

  9. JasonKOI says:

    Most of them are mendala effects

  10. Ossie1001 says:

    Honestly I got 15 out of 15 easy, i had to gues the stare one tho. Never seen that before

  11. Don Kia says:

    In the thumbnail, I thought the one on the left was the Pepsi logo. I guess I was wrong

  12. InShow ! says:

    3 wrong

  13. Tommi Koistinen says:

    I got 10 right.

  14. eco CS:GO says:

    I only got nestea wrong

  15. bruce wayne says:

    I got BMW and Nestea wrong

  16. Fernbr Br says:

    The nestle was the same

  17. Aiste Bert says:

    I got all correct 😀

  18. Paypal Bank says:


  19. Pexxan says:

    I got em all right

  20. LittleHappyBeing says:

    i got everything i knew right. and that has nothing to do with photographic memory. i think and remember image-based. just like some people remember sounds better. (and i am a graphic designer so ive seen and analysed most logos about 100 times)

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