Time Article Regular Exercise May Improve Memory And Learning Speed

Friday, January 22, 2016

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This is a scent article exercise I created for Mighty. Mighty most recently earned his Utility title. I would like to see him more confident on his scent article work so I decided to spread his articles apart so that he had to learn how to slow down and stay in the pile until he could commit to and find the correct article. By spreading the articles out he had to really learn how to work the pile by going from article to article and not bailing out when he couldn’t find the correct one right away. The first few times I did this exercise with him, he did panic and grabbed any article when he couldn’t find the correct one right away, but with patience and persistence we kept working it until you can see the great results I got from this exercise in this
video clip. Mighty is now learning how to settle into the pile and focus on finding the correct article without the Retriever breed’s genetic desire to return as quickly as possible with “something”.


  1. MikeDunn says:

    Would love to see cardio vs strength training as far as their effect on learning and memory.

  2. TimeisTickin TiemTimeiStickin says:

    A lot of people are getting mixed messages from what Jason is actually trying to get at. Greek philosophers not only understood the importance of a good physique correlating with a healthy mind but they didn't fuck around. They worked their BUTTS of which is why technology and the discoveries we have today is all due to the Greeks. They didn't just have a nice 1 hour workout and expected their IQ to double overnight whilst making all these fantastic discoveries. They worked their asses of to make all these discoveries which is why they were so intelligent.

    So to all of you saying 'why am I dumb then etc' brother it's because you are NOT putting in the effort towards your studies to help better yourself. You don't care enough about becoming intelligent, bettering yourself, getting that A+ which is why you aren't achieving in the educational aspect.

    Having the equal amount of motivation, drive, and force to hit a new PR transferred over to wanting to get that A+ is the mindset the Greeks possessed and is what you guys need to do to better yourselves. Jason isn't saying that the study concluded if you do any form of physical fitness, you will double your IQ overnight. It can 100% assist but you need to put in the independent work to better yourselves in those areas not just rely on physical training to do it all for you. That's the message.

  3. Break the Chain says:

    Funny, because after heavy resistance training I feel like I have the attention span of a domestic turkey.

  4. UrbanNinja747 says:

    All these comments of people complaining that they train and are still dumb. You still have to try to learn to fucktards

  5. rhys10055 says:

    Countered by the grams of gear one takes Not srs

  6. Anthony Tran (Anthony's Training Vlogs) says:


  7. PowerPerPound says:

    I sure hope so. With all the concussions I have, I need all the help with my mental health I can get.

  8. XXkirboeXX says:

    that's why the meathead stereotype are intelligent people right? 

    and lmaooo I wish it was true cuz I hit the gym everyday and I still can't remember shit for my classes 

  9. Rob says:

    what do you think about the epidemic of overweight doctors?

  10. warriorfire8103 says:

    When I start studying, I get on a stationary bike.  Nothing intense, just 10mph for 20 minutes and read while I do it.  Once the timer is done I  continue to study but I always feel more engaged when I begin a study session like this. 

  11. Moe Lester says:

    Most of the strongest people in my university gym are in engineering. 

  12. DragonMasaFilms says:

    Does this include lifting weights? 

  13. Twest91x says:

    I exercise on the daily and I'm still dumb as fuck so I don't know.

  14. SGTcrackey666 says:

    Not true i train all the time and im getting more stupid if anything..

  15. joachim V. says:

    Is the article in this week's magazine?

  16. Mega Captain Fun says:

    Aristotle would only select his pupils from a pool of athletes, as he believed the discipline required to develop physical strength was required to develop the faculties of the mind. 

  17. Antonio Duarte says:

    I'm a professional guitar player and guitar teacher. 
    I'm very certain that since I've started lifting and taking care of my diet, my guitar skills started to improve at a much higher rate! (I'm always studding and improving, no stop!). 

    But when I mention that on a conversation people stare at me like I'm crazy… LOL

  18. AlphaDestiny says:

    Yo Jason, have you ever heard of Brian Tracy's accelerated learning techniques?
    It was made a long time ago, but he talks about exactly this. 
    (hope you didn't mention him in this video, I did not see it yet)

  19. Joseph Melhem (jayrusty2012) says:

    the basic nature of the human reality is that: the mind, and the body, are 1 and the same – understanding this simple truth will unlock your comprehension & subsequent mastery of the human experience. #ElliottHulse is also a big proponent of this philosophy.

  20. G.E. Productions says:

    Training really cured my depression(true story) and especially right after I finish a training session I feel euphoric for the rest of the day.The dopamine release when hitting a new PR is very therapeutic. I just hope I can some day find a way to train at home because I really hate the whole gym environment.And I'm really wasting a lot of time going and coming home from the gym since it's pretty far away from my house. 

  21. Janice Gunn says:

    If your dog got the wrong article what would you do?  Well  there is no one size fits all answer.  It is dependent on the dog, his level of experience, his confidence on articles , what his past correction has been for a wrong article, his drive to get the correct article, etc. etc.  For MIGHTY when he picked up the wrong one I marked it with my voice, he then dropped the wrong one and continued with his search for the correct one.  In the first couple of sessions I had to do this a couple of times.  

  22. Goldwinds says:

    what would you do if he went around and picked up the wrong article? and more than once?

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