Times Spark Article-10(sep.14)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Times Spark Article-10(sep.14)

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Times spark article-10(sep.14)
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  1. Hema Sarkar says:

    i dont understand the last line

  2. Punit Joshi says:

    haven means a safe place…heaven means swarg

  3. Sangita Sinha says:

    Can u plz explain leak of panama paper in detail ?

  4. Rajarshi Bagchi says:

    also give some suggestion questions

  5. Prince yadav says:

    what about article 11 ,12 and 13

  6. Sanya Kumari says:

    Make a video on the next 2 articles

  7. Nagesh Jogi says:

    Where is article no. 11?

  8. Gouda Satyanarayana says:

    Vl u plz send me article of 16 September

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