TIO prejudice remedy

Sunday, November 22, 2015

As long as one of the following two conditions, even the TIO constitute prejudice to the athletes to play: (1) the ball in front of TIO, and because of the short distance between the two, resulting in the TIO or the athletes expected to swing the regional stations constitute a direct impediment; (2) the ball in the TIO’s inside, above, below, or behind, so that part of the TIO are right in between the ball and the hole, and the athletes are still playing online. Because the Ping Rapture V2 Irons TIO is specially set up for the game temporary facilities, if these facilities play an impact on the athletes, then it seems very unfair to athletes, so the rules constitute a hindrance to the provisions of its very “kind”: the stopping point in the ball equidistant holes along the arc, according to measurement, if a club in the range of memory or more (2) above interference, are also considered to prejudice.

However, to avoid the “do not fly” remedy the situation, the rule also on the front or rear of the ball TIO remedial provisions of the three exceptions. (1) If for the TIO prevent objects other than players leaving the batting was unrealistic; or because other objects can not prevent players leaving the ball to the connection between the ball and the hole, then Athletes may not accept TIO remedy. For example, if the ball landed in a thick bush, the athlete is clearly not hitting a ball. He can not have a party before the ground TIO accepted remedy. Or, if the front is a very dense forest, and the player apparently can not make the ball pass through or over the woods, he can not have a party before the TIO remedial grounds. (2) athletes to take unnecessary exceptions only in the stations, the direction of swing or play only when hampered by the TIO, he may not accept the remedy. For example, a right-handed bat to play the athletes will not be a normal TIO prejudice, but if he was playing with his left hand, then the TIO would be hampered. At this point, if there is no good reason that he left to play is reasonable, he can not accept the remedy, because for him, his left hand to play are “unusual swing.” (3) When the TIO is located between the hole and the ball, if the players can not hit the ball clear the position of the TIO, and he is not entitled to relief. For example, if the ball falls on the long grass, just 300 yards in front of a TIO, then players will not be remedied because the TIO and opportunities.

A more thorough discount golf clubs understanding of the “prejudice”, the handling of this case of Wei Wei will be more clear. Judging from the scene, “in fact” the tower frame shots of Wei Wei and does not constitute a real impact, I believe the real impact of the woodland he hit the ball rather than the tower frame. However, this is indeed located in the tower frame and the hole between his ball and he did also play online. Therefore, from the perspective of the tower frame the rules of Wei Wei’s ball does constitute a hindrance. In addition, the three remedial exception to the rule, not the occasion for Wei Wei. First, Wei Wei was really going in the direction to the tower frame shot, and his ability to hit the ball to go there – although bear considerable risks; second, he did not use any unusual or play station Rod way. Therefore, he requested in the rules in terms of remedies is entirely “reasonable”.

Asian Games golf tournament because of local rules: When the athletes hampered by the tower frame, he can be accepted on both sides of any remedy. Therefore, Wei Wei chose to drop on the left. Drop, his eyes suddenly open a lot of vision. Then hit the most beautiful one, the ball flew over the trees, landed straight on the green. Lead to a burst of applause the audience around.

Wei Wei, this case can tell us is: Sometimes from a practical point of view of play, athletes of the remedy does not seem necessary. However, the “rules” may not think so. For athletes, skilled in using their own rules and make it an effective weapon, it is an important sign of his maturation, one.

For more information all in: http://www.golfclubskingdom.com/ Thanks for you reading.

For more information all in: http://www.golfclubskingdom.com/ Thanks for you reading.

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