Tips for Writing Comedic Articles and Essays

Sunday, January 8, 2017

If you just love writing comedic articles and essays, go ahead. People love reading comedy. You might find your life full of humor and even make money out of writing about it. This often happens when a person is put into a different environment, for instance many humorous articles have been written from the point of view of a city person going to live in the Wild West – or vice versa.  This is actually situational comedy as it arises from being in a different situation.


Or maybe you’d rather make humorous comment about the political situation such as we see in satire, or the many other types of comedy that abound. Whichever type you choose, stick to it for the same piece of writing. If you start off with a family comedy and the switch to slapstick or satire, your readers will be confused and end up leaving you.


Make your type of comedy appropriate to your proposed audience. If you were writing something humorous for children, satire or black humor would not be appropriate. If your audience were rocket scientists or inventors, family or toilet humor would not be appreciated. Writing for radio will not need lots of humorous activity, but for TV it will.


Choosing what makes you laugh will ensure that you enjoy what you are doing and this will show in your writing. Conflict is needed for most good writing and it is needed for comedy as well. Conflict can come from a person against the environment, a person who cannot achieve his goals, i.e. against himself, or a person against another person. The humor comes as the person tries his best to achieve his goal, or maybe he decides to ignore it – whatever it is.


Exaggeration is another means of including comedy into your article. While it may not always be possible to exaggerate the environment, it is your perception of the problem that can be exaggerated for comic effect. However, just be careful not to go overboard and become silly.


Remember the rule of three. For some reason things that happen in threes seem funnier than if they happen just once. If you can work this into your humorous article it is a form of exaggeration that will make things seem even funnier. Watch funny movies for the rule of three and you’ll see a person getting bumped three times, doing something three times – and failing on the third, and so on.


Know when to draw things out and when to quit. A sense of timing is crucial to most comedy. When something is said is often just as important as what is said.

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