Tips on writing an essay for Cambridge English Proficiency 🖊️

Monday, September 23, 2019

Tips on writing an essay for Cambridge English Proficiency 🖊️

In this video on Proficiency I’m going to give you some pointers on how to produce a great essay for your Proficiency exam. ✏️

✳️ Timestamps ⏳

1 What is the first task like? 1:37

2 How is the writing exam assessed? 2:58

3 Tips on how to write a good essay 5:10

4 Useful phrases to start and finish your essay 10:15

5 Useful linkers 13:39

6 Action plan 21:35

✳️ Download the following documents from this link 📤!Aifd8O_Jp1kOh5QACwHmAARDacCFGg

1 Useful phrases 📒

2 Useful linkers 🔍

3 My essays 🗞️

4 Handbook for teachers 📚

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  1. Dibujo de Croquis says:

    Yo hice muchos "writings" con ese libro para preparar el C2, el problema es que nadie me los corregía porque los hacía por mi cuenta. Así que no sé si estaban bien ni cómo mejorarlos.

  2. Dibujo de Croquis says:

    5:59 – Qué pronunciación tan rara la de "paragraph", supongo que es porque lo pronuncias a la británica.

  3. laraorange says:

    frases??? seriously???

  4. Вера Kазанская says:

    Thousands of thanks for the video! Very helpful

  5. Shannon Campelo says:

    Hello, I would like to thank you for uploading videos on the C2 Proficiency exam as I personally find them quite helpful. My exam is due on the 13 of July and I've just started preparing myself for it and I'm feeling a bit insecure about it, as I thought it would be easier. I've bought the 'Objective Proficiency' book and I'm working on it everyday, but I'm searching on the internet for C2 exams so I can practise and I can't find much to work with. Do you have any C2 exam papers or do you know any website that does? Thank you!

  6. mario sanchez gonzalez says:

    Thank you for all your tips! I am preparing for the CPE, but I am not sure wether is too risky to do it now in July, as I haven’t prepared it properly. How long did you take to prepare for the CPE? I haven’t paid the exam fee yet, as I think Ive been to adamant to go for this July. Ive got several of the books you have recommended. Could you (or anyone who has done the exam) give me some advice? Thank you!

  7. Julieta Baillo says:

    Thanks for including CPE videos!!

  8. Airports Hotels says:

    Fantastic advice! 🙂

  9. Javi M. says:

    Great video! I'm from the Canary Islands and it's good to see another another spaniard who have passed the CPE. I'm working on it for this winter. I've an English degree but I haven't used the language for the last 3 years, so I need to regain confidence. It'd be amazing if you keep making videos on CPE…there's no much good stuff. Suscribed!

  10. Nick speaks: Английский с нуля и до Сан Франциско says:

    Awesome! Needful topic, great structure, clear delivery. I've subscribed, and I'm looking forward to wacthing the latest!

  11. Toma Gera says:

    Thanks, very detailed !!!

  12. Gerard says:

    Great video! It contains a lot of usefull Information. I'll have to see it again.

  13. Scotland the brave says:

    Thanks a lot for all these tips and information, you are a star.

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