Top 10 Energy Sources of the Future

Saturday, May 21, 2016

These are ten most promising alternative energy sources of tomorrow.

It’s a really exciting time to be alive. We have a front row seat to the only known transformation of a world powered by dirty fossil fuels, to a planet that gets its energy from renewable, clean sources. It’s happening just once, right now.

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10. Space-based solar power
9. Human Power
8. Tidal Power
7. Hydrogen (fuel cells)
6. Geothermal heat from underground lava beds
5. Nuclear Waste
4. Solar windows
3. Bio-fuels (algae)

Alabama Gets First-In-World Carbon-Negative Algae Biofuel
2. Flying wind farms
1. Nuclear fusion
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Several articles were published today that Magnetic Energy directed to certain parts of the brain can reduce a belief in God. While the results are not as definitive as the titles of the articles suggest, the science itself is questionable as to its ethics, as well as the presupposed ideas of the experimenters and their suggestion of what’s positive and negative. Not to mention, this seems to be MK Ultra style mind control going public.

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  1. TheBull06 says:

    This video gives me hope for the world

  2. ᐯᗰᒪ? Sylowka says:

    Why not talk about Noor1,noor2 and noor3 in morocco with the biggest solar power in the world

  3. MrAubery says:

    Energy questions – if I dropped many inanimate objects out of a plane to wear away a hillside, what kind of energy would that be?  Would you just generalize it as friction? And if everything has energy, and I have a rock, and energy means the ability to work, how is my rock "working" or have the ability to work?

  4. Rattanarerg Onyaem says:

    Did u means 10 impossible or inconvenien power source?

  5. thomaaas_ says:

    Is this possible?
    Your cellphone has to be loaded and you just stick it on a little solar plate

  6. money guys says:

    one word hemp

  7. mehfoos says:

    hydrogen's fine, but given the fact that most of it comes as petroleum byproduct, and electrolysis of water is inefficient, it isn't really that great a 'source', as it is a storage system. FUSION FTW!!!

  8. LRoy Shreding says:

    You missed the best one. Thorium Reactor it works now and is a fail safe design with no pollution ..

  9. Theodor Frisvold (EnderSlender) says:

    Helped a lot with my presentation about future energy and technology. Thanks a lot man! Very good video :)

  10. Naweed sediq says:

    all the dislikes come from Arab countries, Russia and Venezuela

  11. leo sinnott says:

    Green sux.  Coal Oil and Gas Rule and will continue to.

  12. mohamed nour says:

    دين امك يا مصر يا بنت المتناكة

  13. Law19157 says:

    Human feces can be turned into methane gas for energy. There's a renewable energy source.

  14. Mizan Rahman says:

    Already invented fuel less energy generator. No need those 10 source. So future energy source will be only fuel less energy generator which only need maintenance cost. no need fuel.

    But It's secret, , , to me

  15. Willy Bee says:

    Here is one… What does the word SOURCE mean.
    Hint: electricity is not a source. The weight of the water that flows from above a dam , turns the generator. So what lifted the water above the dam?
    SO, The electricity from hydro – elec dam is actually solar.
    But there is one other step that no one ever talks about.
    Can anyone guess what it is?
    Don't feel bad,, every one is brain washed by the media. But we are not allowed to think that way.
    I will wait and see if anyone will stumble on the source that the media never talks about. Hint:
    It is not that complicated.

  16. SanosukeTanaka says:

    1. Do some research on nuclear waist management. I feel like you have terribly misunderstood how that works, A great deal of those fuel plates get recycled. We know how to manage this VERY well.
    2. Do some research on nuclear alternatives. Light water, non-enriched, solid fuel, Uranium reactors are far from the only option here. Thorium Liquid Fuel Reactors are of particular interest due to several factors.

    Thorium is more stable, more abundant, and vastly safer to mine then the usable isotopes of uranium. As a matter of fact, Thorium is frequently a byproduct of mining rare earth metals, and is disposed of as waste in massive quantities. Thorium does not require an expensive enrichment process either.

    Liquid fuel reactors operate at much lower pressures then water reactors, and can use over temperature conditions to shutdown without operator intervention, or complex mechanical/electrical systems. This makes them, in many ways, safer even then the well developed light water reactors being built today.

    Liquid fuel reactors can use a continuous process to burn virtually all fuel introduced. The waste would be incredibly low for commercial plants.

    My last comment is on fusion. It's a nice idea, that many have been banking on to pay off for over half a century, but it is far from commercial application. Fusion has yet to be produced in a manner that generates surplus power with any containment system save that of it's own gravity (yay for stars as proof of concept). Even if you do make it work in a lab, that's still a long ways away from a commercially viable product.

    props to anyone that follows my rants. feel free to nitpick my spelling and grammar.

  17. Brad Williams says:

    Any though of replacing oil with another form of oil misses the major point, the problem is not the fuel but the technology currently in use. The internal combustion engine is only 25 % efficient. This means that for every gallon of fuel that goes into a auto, 3 quarts comes out as pollution or as heat. On the other hand, electric motors are 80% efficient.

  18. Michael Z says:

    How about Liberals in a Hamster wheel?

  19. ginny oconnor says:

    Very exciting. My 5th graders were enthralled and inspired

  20. RobLikes says:

    Thorium reactor is the future!!!

  21. Mimic Treasurebox says:

    "I don't believe in evolution."

    Thanks for the laugh. I almost choked on my pizza.

  22. wewders says:

    The threat that will ultimately be hidden with this technology will be the group of people administering the stimulus, i.e. the people who call themselves 'government.' That aspect is nothing new, but this particular content is new to me so thanks for putting out there.

    On the other hand, it's ironic that you're aware of the correlation between evil and control, yet you say things like, "I don't believe in evolution," and you seem to classify everything into one belief (control) system or another. Evolution is a theory in the same way that gravity is a theory. Scientific theories are not to be believed or disbelieved. They are explanations of the observed behaviors of the natural world, to be understood or not understood. Either you don't understand evolution or you understand it and don't accept it because the facts of evolution conflict with your beliefs; the latter is called cognitive dissonance, and I think that's what you're dealing with.

  23. John Merchant says:

    Magnetic lobotomy?

  24. John Merchant says:

    Magnetic lobotomy?

  25. NikkiGrace 7 says:

    Wow! I knew it. Someone I know just received 1 session a week for 6 weeks of "tms" for severe depression. I had major spiritual discernment about it and expressed the fact that I thought it was strange to her "better half" who was all for it. He even sat me down to show me a video about the benefits of it and the statistics of depressed individuals getting "positive" results vs. negative. JUST ANOTHER TOOL OF SATAN'S DECEPTION! I don't want to show them this video and instill fear in anyone. Prayer is powerful! So, if other Christians read this please say a prayer for someone very dear to me that this horrible evil trickery DID NOT affect her faith in any way shape or form or even others out there getting this so called "treatment". I REBUKE ALL ASPECTS OF MIND CONTROL THAT DETER ANYONE FROM JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR IN THE NAME OF JESUS! IN JESUS NAME. AMEN. Thank you and God bless.

  26. tabletop581 says:

    I wonder if this will be part of the "chip" mark of the beast that renders belief and repentance to God impossible once implanted?

  27. Social Engineering says:

    Definitely non ethical. Why would someone even want to have that on their head. No thanks! I believe in God. God Bless!

  28. Insufferable Realist Jackanapes says:

    Yeah they don't need the BS lie of religion and God anymore (and it is all a lie) because now they can directly control your mind.

    They have us all with money anyway. That's what we all really worship. Whether we admit it or not.

  29. Nicole Marie says:

    wow creating robots to think the same, no beliefs no morals and no values. this is crazy…

  30. GARY GONZALEZ says:

    This will be used in the re-education fun camps for adults that the new international order has in place.

  31. Chanthoo Yin says:

    scientists should rather find way to help people connected with God, but that would be impossible because it is our free will that God instill in all of us to choose whether to beleived in His son Jesus Christ whos die on the cross for the sin of mankind and to saved those whos choose to beleived in Him and to excepted God the creator of all things including the so call scientists.

  32. Dave Jones says:

    Thinking of the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND___Connect to his shock treatment__Did it "ALTER" his belief__A great movie as the actor demonstrated a huge "ego"__Could have been an easier way but he was "forced into treatment " and could not weather the "STORM" with his "free will choice"– AS movie was hard to follow and confusing to many, the Holodeck of the Star Trek Movie can help all to connect the dots. Relate to the "KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN" A very informative video to promote free thinking. Thanks Dave

  33. TheTruthAlwaysAddsUp says:

    Personally I think we as Christians really need to take a step back and analyze the situation. Is there really a hell? Really? Believe in Jesus or hell for all eternity?
    I am telling you that if I could choose the one thing that it seems more people believe in than any other thing, rather you are religious, or NOT, what is the one thing more people believe today? None believers believe in ghost. New agers believe they will ascend.

    Are we mortal or immortal?
    Did David say an evil being took over Saul?
    No, he said an evil spirit FROM GOD had overcome Saul.
    And David knew that God would not leave him conscious when he was dead.

    I have some questions for everyone.
    Does anyone remember living before this life?
    So many people believe we are very close to judgement day.
    Wouldn't that mean that the living God would have had us reborn into life for this judgement day?
    Is not that what people believed, that God would raise them up at the end?
    Are not the dead supposed to be raised for this day?

    Personally I think the biggest deception Satan has deceived us with is that when we die we don't really die.
    God said we would surely die. and Satan said you shall surely NOT DIE.

    I think I'll believe God.
    I think when we die, we are dead.
    My God will raise me beck up the same way he created me the first time, thru my mother womb.
    I believe it is eternal life or PARISH.
    Doesn't John say that if he did not return early, THERE WOULD BE NO FLESH SAVED?
    I do not believe in hell.
    Well, other than this hell of a world we are in right now that is!
    And maybe the world wouldn't hate us so much if we weren't going around telling everyone they are going to hell?
    I am just saying

  34. Mark “BlindManMark” Dejean says:

    Unethical clearly. Reminds me of the Pentagon video on that Funvax Aerosolized spray.

  35. RONALD HEDVAL says:

    Could this also be part of the mark of the beast?

  36. Donna Hyde says:

    we will be deceved in more than one way,satan is trying to make this look innocent, when it is him truing to develop more ways to seperate us from Yahuwah. I don't trust anything that these people are doing.even if they are doing it for good porpoises , satan will use it for evil porpoises,there for I don't want any part of it.

  37. Pat Paul says:

    04:24 "I don't believe in evolution" —- Okaaay… Let's move on folks. Nothing to see here…"

  38. aceupyt says:

    I do not belief IN hell, but rather About hell

  39. udig4truth says:

    Some that truly caught me right at the start of this video……..I recently watched a video on youtube with this guy taking small magnets and testing all his foods and several foods do have a charge. They are placing these things in our body to alter our thinking! Just my first thought!

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