Top 10 Ways Terrorism Has Changed Our Daily Lives

Monday, February 19, 2018

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How has terrorism impacted the world? Between the stricter immigration laws and more aggressive screenings, people’s distrust of the government and arguably worsening racial profiling, the impact of terrorism on society and the economy of a country is serious. WatchMojo counts down ten effects of terrorism on human life.

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00:25 #10: Police Militarization
01:23 #9: We Hear More About Attacks at Home & Abroad
02:25 #8: The United States Department of Homeland Security Was Created
03:31 #7: People Distrust Their Own Government
04:33 #6: Racial Profiling Has Arguably Worsened
05:22 #5: Attending Large-Scale Events Now Feels Risky
06:25 #4: We Live with Stricter Immigration Laws & More Aggressive Screening
07:26 #3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Charlie Cross says:

    Tsa just stand around when an active incident is happening I mean TSA don’t even have handcuffs and I’ve seen a few videos here on YouTube of them running away when shit goes down inside an airport

    It’s the Same with Canada’s border agents why are they operating inside the USA when Canada isnt us soil

    The constitution of the United States of America means nothing anymore

    England is going like the USA military and police wise, yet the USA government don’t even listen to common law anymore they pass out statutory law enforcement ?

    Future kids of the next generation go into law, do something with your lives

  2. Cameron Little says:

    On #7 America is not a democracy, it's a constitutional representative republic. The two are not interchangeable.

  3. Benjamin Kanoza says:

    For everyone that is saying Muslims don't condemn those that are radicals, you need to do your research, there have been several hand written statements signed by over 1.4 million Muslims condemning both Isis AND the Taliban. In addition you have those that ARE actually WHITE who practice Islam, yet often people here in US judge a religion based on skin color.

    For those who are saying the Quran is all about killing the non-believers, don't be quick to judge, the Christians/Catholics own text ALSO preach killing those who do not follow the true God.

    Finally, anyone who says it is bad, needs to read the Quran. Not only are there many similar texts from the old testament in the Quran, but the story of Mary and her son Jesus are in the Quran as well, it is under the chapter Maryum near the back of the Quran.

    Finally, I find it ironic that my country here, the United States, condemns an ENTIRE group of people when less than 20 of the 2.59 MILLION are the ones that have done bad things. Ironic too, that in the past 40 years (with exception of 9/11) most terrorists have been Catholics or Christians, sometimes even army individuals (look up Oklahoma city bombing). However, despite that being the case, NO ONE thinks all Christians and Catholics are bad. The same should be applied to Muslims.

  4. A N G E R Y B O I says:

    What? Are we supposed to pretend that it's not a problem? Just let people fucking die, then shrug are shoulders as if it were normal??? FUCK THAT!!! We need to take out these terrorist fucks.

  5. Random Commentator says:

    i don't even trust my own fucking government

  6. Lexi Chaos says:

    YES WM! i know you have those in the comments screaming "LIBERAL MEDIA, SJWS, LEFTIST BIAS" but these are facts. racial profiling has increased. government influence in every day life as increased. and the media does promote fear, but i would also argue that is unavoidable in the developed world with open internet access / freedom of information. terrorism sucks (massive understatement of course), but i do feel the west buys into it and makes the terrorists jobs easier. they want you to fear them. they want to sow racial and religious disharmony.

  7. Rabid Leroy Channel Salad says:

    What about the suicide rate in general? Given the atmosphere regarding to terrorism plaguing our lives, how has it changed since 2001? Has life become more scarier or dangerous? And after the inevitability of an attack, is life not worth living anymore?

  8. HMH Gaming says:

    For anyone says Muslims are terrorist

    KKK are Christian

  9. ZenXXII says:

    Just kill all muslims and problem solved. xD

  10. Kajukenbo808MMA says:

    99% of all Muslims ARE NOT terrorists. 99% of all terrorists are Muslim. Guess it was only a matter of time before WatchMojo drank the liberal kool-aid.

  11. Pinoy Pride says:

    guess that Adam ruins everything really shows how mess up the TSA is!

  12. Somayeh Tavaf says:

    Simple proof that Not all Muslims are terrorists…

    Are you not seeing what is happening in Iraq and Syria?? Isis is killing Muslims. So basiclly Isis thinks violence against anyone who does not join their group into killing people is allowed. It doesn't even matter what religion you follow

  13. Joey Z says:

    1 message Fuck You Bigots! And Terrorists

  14. mario nassem says:

    do u call it a change ?!
    lol I live in Egypt and I 'm used to seeing tanks and military vehicles everywhere ( guarding churches schools etc) and every time I go to the church I get searched and asked for ID

  15. Tristan Caminar says:

    I fucking love the thubnail

  16. комиссар из чееки брееки says:

    America is the biggest terrorist

  17. Its Ya boi, Mikey says:

    America died after The Emoji Movie and when The KKK became a joke.

  18. Flora Daisy says:

    Is this channel honestly that pathetic that the people behing it have to literally milk anything they can? I thought SMIKE was bad

  19. Kylo ren says:

    Ya turmp is in the kkk

  20. reaper21 says:

    saying that islam promotes terrorism because of extremists like osama bin laden is like saying cristianity promotes terrorism because of hitler as he was catholic

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