Top 10 World Records Made Possible By Tragedy and Disaster

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

From the blatantly bizarre and degenerate to the awe-inspiring, some of us go to extremes in our quest to break world records. Unfortunately, not all records are of the variety that we aspire to. The individuals on this list are all holders of tragic and sordid records that can only be gained through deplorable bad luck, foolhardiness, or simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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10. Longest Survival with an External Heart
9. Surviving the Fastest Car Crash in History
8. Living the Longest with a Bullet in the Head
7. Most Burns Suffered by a Survivor
6. Longest Time Spent in a Coma
5. Owner of the World’s Longest Tapeworm
4. Longest Time Spent Without Food
3. Most Heart Attacks Suffered
2. Heaviest Kidney Stone
1. First Full Face Transplant

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  1. TopTenz says:

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  2. salvatornado says:


  3. Rodney Green says:

    This was difficult to watch.

  4. AsapNicky Bars says:

    Damn with kidney stones that big you KNOW that guy gets ALL the ladies!!!!

  5. AnnaAnnaYes says:

    10 Rock Bands that still exist,though none of the original members are still in them.

  6. Blacques Jacques says:

    Sallie Mae Wallace of Great Grits , Mississippi lmao

  7. Esra Erimez says:


  8. Afternoon Delight says:

    I understand tragedies happen, but this TOP TENZ was very disturbing to me…

  9. brian george says:

    I was married to my ex-wife for twelve years. My eternal admiration to anyone who could beat that record.

  10. John Spera says:

    very interesting and well done, guys… but whoa!

  11. Jay Williams says:

    What about me I stub my toe and survived

  12. Micah Philson says:

    If I remember correctly, somebody actually blew that starvation record out of the water. A severely obese person, hundreds of pounds, underwent not eating for a couple hundred days or something. However, they were under nearly constant medical supervision and also had an intravenous nutrient solution to keep them alive, which is how they survived that long. Still, they didn't truly eat for something like most of a year and lost several hundred pounds very rapidly.

  13. EddyGurge says:

    First guy's baby pic looks like Michael Ironside.

  14. A8HBU says:

    #5 did it on purpose.

  15. Christian kathryn Grimes says:

    5 sounds horrifying

  16. Miss Lissy says:

    I've had two children naturally and I also have chronic kidney stones. Average size kidney stones are 2X2mm, my average size kidney stones are 5X5mm, with my largest stone being 12X5.5mm. As of right now nothing can be done about them at this point. Anyway my point is yeah they hurt like hell, having a baby hurts like hell, but by far the absolute worst pain I've ever experienced is when my knee dislocated, that is by far the most excruciating pain I've ever had. My second child was 2lbs heavier than my first, he was 8lbs, I'd rather have a 12 or even 15lb baby naturally than have my knee dislocate again. There rant over, lol ?.

  17. AIPThePharaoh says:

    metric system pls…

  18. Sheng-Li248 says:

    Can you do a video about Gurkha soldiers?

  19. Denyse Van Leuven says:

    +Top Tenz I always watch and leave a like; just haven’t commented in forever! I don’t know what it was about this list, but it seemed both creepy and uplifting simultaneously. Thanks for your wonderful vids. I just love ‘em!

  20. Aicha Guisse says:

    I like his shirt

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