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Thursday, August 4, 2016

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Consciousness and Quantum Computers, Nature articles bookmark

Tests regarding probability overlap to determine what is real

Quantum Passes Toughest Test Yet

Quantum Source of Space-Time

Uniting to build quantum computer

This content, whether held in your hand as a book, displayed on your screen with a digital reader such as a kindle or computer, or as a standalone by holographic projection, is the result of the collective shockwave of existence.

Existence is the fundamental question:
Do you exist?

If you are able to read this and comprehend it, you must. That necessarily follows. The content might be displayed to you – read, copied, and pasted to your screen — and this follows for any sort of print that isn’t handwritten – and this is regurgitation. To regurgitate is to lack consciousness.

Consciousness is proof of existence.

The property that is shown with consciousness with reading, is processing concepts. Words, letters, ink, are not concepts; they form concepts. We conceive and imagine ink, letters, and words. They form a visual imprint in your mind’s eye.

The question of whether this is one giant simulation of a computer, follows:
How is a visual imprint not a computer process?
How are computer games not an example of consciousness in computers?
The trade of interaction via the virtual world is an extension of consciousness and play over distance. Computers extend our consciousness; they do not employ it.

The question of question computers necessarily follows:
If the world is ultimately quantum, then why wouldn’t quantum computers be able to possess consciousness?
The answer is Yes. Quantum computers can logically hold consciousness. ONLY quantum computers.

What then, is a quantum computer?
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