Ultra Skinny Fashion Models Now Need Doctors Notes To Work! ft. D-Trix & David So

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Fashion Models Will Now Need a Doctor’s Approval to Work in France

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Changing The Game News – https://news.vice.com/article/fashion-models-will-now-need-a-doctors-approval-to-work-in-france

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• Hosted by Tiffany Del Real
• Commentary by: D-Trix, David So, Joe Jo, Bart Kwan, Geo Antoinette, Julia Chow
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  1. Mia Cook says:

    I want to be small, I have the hour glass figure and I'm a little overweight but I've always wanted to be 90 pounds or 100

  2. Andrea Serna says:

    I love David

  3. Beatriz Matos says:

    go to McDonalds lol

  4. LeBossOf.... says:

    Anorexia it's fucked up my mom has that and its controlled but its a problem that will be there for the rest of your life its a constant fight with your body and head no joke.

  5. das me says:

    where did Tiffany get her sweater?

  6. Meglomaniacs Anonymous says:

    When I'm really anxious I puke. It got so bad a few months ago that I lost 15 lbs in two weeks and so many people praised my weight loss. It kind of disturbed me that people were praising me even though I lost it that way so I was up front about it. "You look so good!" "Thanks, but I'd rather be able to keep food down."

  7. Ellie best says:

    When your sitting in McDonald's eating breakfast ??

  8. Ashley says:

    I love D-trix and all but that sweater though, I keep staring at it lol.

  9. Martha Ochoa says:

    same david so. same.✊

  10. Lena_Rose Beifong says:

    Why don't they just have a conveyor belt with hangers to run the cloths on? Lol

  11. Linnea Nilsson says:

    I was doing cheerleading for several years, but when we 'turned older' they started to lowkey tell us that we all were fat, then maybe a year or two later, we all were on this sick diet where we weren't allowed to eat almost anything. So when I stopped, I started to basically binge eat everything that I wasn't allowed to eat during my training days, and that was not good. But it's like he said ''It sticks with them''' and it really does, I still look at myself with the ''Oh my God you're not worthy enough'' mindset, solely because that was the majority of my life.

  12. For Never & Always says:

    Having me some midnight McDonald's while watching this ?

  13. Emanuel Ro says:

    You guys are freaking cool!

  14. Trash says:

    You can be any weight and have Anorexia, it's not a body type.

  15. Yunus Julwadi says:

    "Always know that the standards of today, the people that have power and all that, they're eventually gonna fucking die. So you gotta race to the top, so that you can create your standards, and that's gonna be what the fuck the world is gonna follow" – Joe 2016

  16. sohia a says:

    I be like in the mirror I'm sexy

  17. thynaruto says:

    D-trix fashion is on point, no homo.

  18. Hαιѕє Lєσηнєαят says:

    I always go into a video thinking a certain way,and leaving with completely new perspectives.

    JKNews always has interesting ways of looking at things-JKNews is amazing ?

  19. Thomas Christopher White says:

    Now that I back tracked to this video… David is really skinny now. Like he's Big as fuck here.

  20. hafidz muffeller says:

    06:47 Joe: "what these girls did is… instead of…Geo: "Conforming"…"conforming…well they couldn't…they found their way into that world….AND BEING SOMEBODY!…" #joe'swisdom #bethealtanative

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