Under Construction: Alcohol and the Teenage Brain

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Adolescence is a key period of growth and development, with the brain also changing enormously during this period. Recent research suggests that these maturational changes make the adolescent brain more vulnerable to the damaging effects of alcohol, with areas associated with memory and learning particularly affected. Under Construction is a highly acclaimed 4 minute animation that discusses adolescent brain development and highlights the effects of alcohol and risky drinking on different brain regions, as well as its impact on behaviour. It presents complex and up-to-date neurobiological research in a way that is engaging and relevant for teenagers. For more information or to order a copy go to: http://www.turningpoint.org.au/Education/Schools-and-Young-People/Under-Construction.aspx
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  1. EDM Lover says:

    How much i need to drink to get a brain damage ?

  2. Maicol Diaz says:

    what does sleep deprivation does to this this process

  3. George Scott says:

    Thinks! this is a very awarness video. I hope I could download it for workshops training materials.

  4. Kim jon funk says:

    this is why I smoke weed

  5. ShortBreaddi Studios says:

    Watched this in HPE class. It is really interesting!

  6. Arturs Berzins says:

    ok so what do i do now when the damage has been done ?? :

  7. Novum says:

    ahhh shit

  8. Akash Sharma says:

    I'm drunk af rn

  9. Michael kemp says:

    Drinkup while your young bois

  10. Tim How says:

    Actually I have two brains so it's all good

  11. Dx5tM says:

    I drank 2 hard apple ciders, and I feel awesome.

  12. Zac Currie says:

    Hey peeps

  13. VestegnenMa says:

    Felt like cracking a cold one after this video, cheers

  14. Shakd Nugz says:

    Is it 'pruned' by our education system, or is this step naturally occurring? do we naturally loose touch with creativity and imagination, do we grow to accept order?

  15. Adam Flowers says:

    I have just been wondering something. You see I drink fairly regularly (once every third, or every other day), however, I consume one, maybe two standard drinks at maximum, and I'm done. I only become intoxicated around two or three times a years on special occasions. I'm pretty much a straight A student, and I'm a musician, I play 6 instruments, I'm THE best pianist at my high school, better than the teacher. So my schooling and fine motor skills are not effected. I drink because I actually like drinking different sorts of alcohol, it's just a little thing I like to do near the end of my day… Am I really doing much damage here?

  16. Simeon Strelkov says:

    I drink 200ml of vodka I feel dizzy and I wont to drink more, + 200ml its hard to stay + 200 its hard to stay awake that's how it affects me

  17. Kenicka Harper says:

    Is 19 still adolescence?

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