Underground Bases And Cloning Centers

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Underground Bases And Cloning Centers
By Aug Tellez
June 10, 2016


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  1. Fabio V says:

    make Jackie chan

  2. jaytee says:

    I find it an odd coincidence that I looked up cloning and you have the same last name as me

  3. reubenitesisinthetruth says:

    good video.

  4. HolyDiver says:

    There are several episodes on the series Hemlock Grove that shows them growing a clone. I think it was very close to reality. Took 18 months from start to young adult.

  5. Jerry Darnault says:

    nwo hahaha


    Don't doubt it I was giving Anthrax Vaccine every Muscle Bone Nerve Head to Toe Rose 2 FALL FELL 2 Rise 1 military LIFE 2 tell the LIES Green Light in the Sky GOD or Aliens G GAD GADLR LEO13

  7. ZellyRawr says:

    um. I got an ad for cloning before this video lol

  8. Iyesatu Samuka says:

    So although these are genetically engineered they Have no Souls. These facilities will eventually be destroyed by Nature. No wonder there are more earthquakes, 3 miles underground…..

  9. pandypop1 says:

    I'd buy that they are creating clones just like in that movie The 6th day…..

  10. Tina Taylor says:

    There has to be a soul to clone. but then let's say they have cloned someone…the only way these clones could communicate would be by computer or if they call up a demon to live in this clone. pretty simple "Gods Spirit" which give life, the soul. will Not be in these clones.

  11. Archer pro says:

    sometimes I feel as if i might be cloned

  12. Cincere Richardson says:

    2016 dnt get the Obama chip. 2017 the world ends for those who do

  13. UP RISE says:

    Your Welcome I learn alot from your topics

  14. droitega says:

    All people must wake up and start a general research on what is the reality, i want the truth….

  15. UP RISE says:

    Thank you very much for this educational topic

  16. Sirkendrick Henley says:

    dats deep…

  17. Irina Buchanan says:

    where are real people? do they sacrifice them or keep them for later times?

  18. David john Quigley says:

    +Gregory Lambrinhgt , Do you believe they cloned a sheep????? If not you should her name was "Dolly" and there was a very VERY dark reason they chose a LAMB to clone. Nazi ss officers where smuggled into the usa after wwii. lookup operation paperclip. These monsters are responsible for " THE MONARCH" mind controll programme. Used for manchunian candidate style hits. Its also all over entertainment. ALL OF THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB WHERE MONARCH VICTIMS. MARIA CAREY ANOTHER EXAMPLE, BEYONCE, SERENA WILLIAMS, MILEY CYRUS. I suggest you look a little closer. if your aware you can act. CHEERS.

  19. Gregory Lambrihgt says:

    Politicians, entertainers, military, and rich being cloned please!!!    You know what the world would be like if these were cloned.

  20. Chi Adams says:

    Elvis!!!…you down there!!???…guys you know, us light workers have got to break this mess up! They steeling all the good ones!!?

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