Understanding the First Amendment of the US Constitution

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Attorney Kevin Hayslett explains in detail the first amendment of the US constitution. Mr. Hayslett provides easy to understand examples of how the first amendment impacts our lives as it relates to the freedom of speech, press, religion, and petition in our country.

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Continuing the Constitution for Dummies Series with the Bill of Rights and Amendment One. Explained simply so you can understand the Constitution of the United States.

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  1. Tommy wise says:

    would rather have freedom of thought. then vostry for it spoils thought.

  2. Tommy wise says:

    love every thang but vostry

  3. GHEBALOU Hacène says:

    clear for all worldwide leaders ?

  4. Joe Doe says:

    I like this video, and wonder did this group explain all the amendments? 

  5. Joe Doe says:

    I like this video, and wonder did this group explain all the amendments? 

  6. LJP707videos says:

    I agree, but that part about being muslim is bull shit and you know it! 

  7. Emerson Hayter says:

    For Freedom of Press are you able to video tape anything you want?

  8. Cofman Townsley Injury Attorneys says:

    The 1st amendment speaks for itself and the rights that we are guaranteed under it.

  9. Shiryingle Pringle says:

    This is really helpful

  10. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:

    olph nowosielce

  11. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:

    olph skorodne help the usa

  12. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:


  13. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:


  14. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:


  15. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:


  16. jpwarzinski vlaurus. says:


  17. bubu201bayone says:

    2 dislikes get the fuck out of usa

  18. Johnn Smith says:

    I'll choose my Constitutional Republic over ANY democracy any day. A democracy is "Mob Rule" or Majority Rule. A Constitutional Republic, which is what America is, protects everyones Rights "By Law", not Mob Rule. So every single time you see someone on TV speak about our "democracy", they don't know what the hell they're talking about.

  19. Dylan Ruiz says:

    check my channel for the music video coming!

  20. silentmajor says:

    Thanks for the response. What if you called me a child molester and I was, could I still sue you for libel? Lets say it hadn't been proven in a court of law but you personally had evidence of the crime?

  21. Paul Smyres says:

    There is a reason why the first amendment, freedom of speech, is the FIRST amendment because if that is working properly and people can expose corruption and express their rights, then the SECOND amendment is not necessary…………. The Second amendment is the backup for the first amendment…….. The founders were no fools

  22. Jesse says:

    heh, but muslim laws are in conflict with first amandment, so muslims should be jailed.

  23. The Persona 3 Geek says:

    THE CHURCH OF METH! WTF just happened?!?!

  24. Pridetoons Reviews says:

    I'm going to show this to every conservative that says that the Bible should be thought nationally! Good video sir!

  25. mason freeman says:

    you're awesome I learned something…..

  26. Joseph Carollo says:

    i watched this in history class and we have to watch all of them

  27. Pidge Gunderson says:

    We had to watch all these in class

  28. Rene Dena says:

    With this amendment in place, would you say religious establishments have an influential say in when determining whether to legalize same-sex marriage? If so, how or why?

  29. Lork Lorkman says:

    Is this the little kid from jerry maguire?

  30. The American Patriot says:

    your video is EXTREAMLY STUPID. Jefferson did celebrate Christian holidays the seperation keeps the government from establishing a state church or dictating the beleifs of other churches. In other words with the "Establishment" congress cannot favour one sect of christianity over another. Nice try meho

  31. davlor86 says:

    and many people want to ban burqas, lol i guess they're against the 1st amendment?

  32. Joshua Lee says:

    Separation of church and state makes absolutly no sense as it undermines reasoning and common sense. Hebrew and Christian text form the basis of rule and law of the land.So it is rather disrespect towards the very language in which they are attempting to communicate.

  33. gsxr1000gixxer says:

    The 1st amendment is hate speech against TYRANNY, past version of it was in the form of the king of England. The founding fathers believe in curtailing any form of Tyranny through Hate speech. Current version is the Privately owned Federal Reserve Entity controlling the hi-jacked Federal government.

  34. King Vegeta (Celtic Nationalist) says:

    Atheist want to force people into Atheism

  35. Gold Wolf says:

    Congress shall make no law…. States can wipe them all out?

  36. Beautiful Beautiful says:

    Love your work ???

  37. red Buoy says:

    OK, I think I got this.
    Anyone who publicly criticizes the first amendment or seeks to alter it in any way should, without a trial, have their guns taken away thrown in prison. And, if they are catholic, have soldiers quartered in their home, right after it is searched without their consent.
    But can I or can I not still get a drink?

  38. Jefff Peterson says:

    yep we have freedom of speech as long as it's "politically correct" lol.

  39. Ba Ke says:

    "The RIGHT to Peaceably Assemble to Petition The Government for a Redress of Grievances"  -Unless it's ON WALLSTREET as with Obama and the Establishment where he showed his True Color -A WHITE REPUBLICAN IN BLACKFACE who did Nothing to support their Right, who Only Added his Help to Throwing out the OCCUPY MOVEMENT OUT

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