University of Missouri President Resigns Over Racism

Friday, December 25, 2015

Feeling unsafe on campus, minority groups have rallied together to protest a racially hostile environment at the University of Missouri. In response the president of the college has resigned. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian (The Point) hosts of The Young Turks discuss.

Should the president have resigned? Let us know in the comments below.

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“Mizzou football scored their greatest victory ever on Monday, effectively sacking the school’s president.

Tim Wolfe resigned as head of the University of Missouri following criticism of how he responded—or didn’t—to racist attacks on students over the past few months.”


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University of Missouri President Resigns Over Racism

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  1. colton Page says:

    What was it? 2-3 isolated cases of racial stupidity? Therefore all white people have privilege and are oppressing blacks.

    Isn't this totally against the mantra "we are not at war with Islam, just extremism." They labeled all white people as privileged, and demanded that the President admitted it, and that things were done to "improve race relations." But I highly doubt "improving race relations" is anything other than finger-wagging and guilt-tripping the white race.

  2. Di Man says:

    "If there are clear cases of racism…you have to do something." That's correct Anna, the cases also have to be REAL.

  3. riverw007 says:

    another hoax wins the day. did it matter that all this was exposed as a pack of lies? nope. nazis love the swastika so much they draw it in poop and multimillionares are devastated when the duke boys fly overhead in the general lee screaming slurs. what could make more sense? even when exposed it makes no difference, just like the university of delawares lynchin tree and berkley high schools klan-a-palooza. melissa click treating youngbloods like fieldhands was not even enough to wise people up. that's how delusional you are. go ahead and be muscle for peckerwoods like click, see how that works out for you. when the cops show up who is going to be hauled off to jail and who is going to be sipping white wine and bragging about how pc they are to their well heeled friends after dinner?

  4. twmcfarl says:

    Seriously who here is surprised that TYT once again chooses PC race-baiting over what ACTUALLY happened?

  5. Ohloveeh says:

    Two white students have been arrested who threatened to shoot black people at Mizzou. Racism is alive and real.

  6. 17R3W says:

    this is a couple of weeks old, but there is a lot wrong with this video.

    the incident with the pick up truck, didn't take place on campus. campus security couldn't do anything about it, and Payton should''ve went to the police.

    Payton used this to make hay on campus instead of contacting the police.

  7. Handy Dandy says:

    Liberal fascism knows no bounds. It's time to fight back against these blm swine and their filthy liberal slave masters.

  8. Proudowsky Boris says:

    I love the swastika poop how?Why? Is it a new life form?? does someone try to comunicate with it

    Does the nazi poop has revendication or a goal???

  9. Mia Rico alexa says:

    I agree that that the president should have stopped the whatever its called but we should all respect other peoples opinion you know not everyone has the same opinion the thing I don't get is that we might be different from the outside but guess what were the same from the inside

  10. Joseph Gollaher says:

    His mistake was that he was not proactive about addressing the issues and did not administer appropriate punishment for the kids throwing the racial slurs around. Waiting for a problem to just go away never works. Even white kids in Kansas should be taught that racism isn't cool even if they never see a person of whatever color (or lack thereof to include gingers and albinos lol).

  11. MLG Doge says:

    Why is the president of the university resigning? What did he do?

  12. Jeremy Edmond says:

    Maybe other people would disagree, but to me it seems as though the movement is more opportunistic than reactive. The issues that sparked the movement look as though they are either non-issues or individual cases of racism, which together hardly shows institutional racism or prejudice. This is a major crux in identity politics.

  13. MrConph123123123 says:

    "racism" who honestly gives a shit

  14. 9avedon says:

    Cenk has not offered up one single thing the president did wrong, How is this journalism ?

  15. Sam DeRenzis says:

    What's happened, I'm still so confused

  16. Disgusted says:

    Real news and real tragedy has overtaken this bogus event

  17. JoachimderZweite says:

    I propose a WATER MELON LEAGUE – where everybody graduates. No tuiton, no tests, no mathematics, no hard science, no standard English, no books and especially no foreign European languages and where nuthin bad is ever said about a bruther or suster cuz we ain't allowing no white ass krakers.

  18. Cc games says:

    Is there any pictures of the swastika these students probably take 50 selfie's in the bathroom every day

  19. longliverocknroll5 says:

    Should read "resigns over suspected racism". Nothing was ever proven. No racist culture, and they couldn't even prove that the slurs were being uttered by more than a handful of individuals.

  20. EnhancedNightmare says:

    Shit swastika … seriously? LOL

    HAHAHAAHAH I'm soo scared of shit swastikas oh damn.

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