Unpopular Opinion: Cyber Bullying

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Unpopular Opinion: Cyber Bullying

My not so popular opinion on Cyber Bullying.
Thank you guys for watching! Sorry this is not my usual type of video, but this is something I’ve been wanting to talk about for a long time now. Don’t mean to offend anyone, just giving my honest opinion!

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  1. StarGazer101 x. says:

    man nice job bro u really hit the nail.

  2. JayJay Studios says:

    But kids do need to take self defence classes so they can defend themselves I do taekwondo it's like karate but better

  3. JayJay Studios says:

    Yeah I agree with Ryan cause there are so many topics about cyber bullying and being bullied in person is much more worse

  4. henk louw says:

    you may be able to escape bullying. and Ryan higa is right. but just because u can escape it doesn't mean u don't see it and it still hurts. I experience cyber bullying now and then but it can stop. u can defend yourself. u can take self defense classes. and in a way bullying helps u to be stronger and more independent. every time I get bullied and roasted it hurts me but I laughed at them all the time to the point where they hit me harder. and if the guy is possible to take down then u show him ur talking business and u take their ankles out from under them. but remember to warn the guy. I just laugh at the guy if he's bigger and tell him to get a grip on his emotions, that's what I do when they rant at me because laughing at them makes u look stronger and bigger and much much nicer and a better man.

  5. Wavey Caves says:

    When I get bullied if they say something mean I go "what" they say it again what and they just stop when they realise they are say fuck like eight times then I would go to the teacher and say broc said fuck eight times

  6. Wavey Caves says:

    #blahblahblah that makes sense. no seriously but he has a point

  7. Dude Regular says:

    you passes the test cuz your Asian

  8. DERP DERPY says:

    once someone bullied me when I was new and they lost all there self confidence

  9. CharanKawal Singh says:

    imagine his bullies watching his videos………….

  10. furukawa Yoo says:

    Survive through bullying can get you stronger is a fact where teenagers now are ignoring and I do hope this video can help them out

  11. Henriri CrawfishYinYang says:

    cyber bullying gets bad when it makes it to the real world

  12. Pearlyn Soh says:

    comeback on bullying e.g:bully open ur eyes chimp. me:im not a chimp, i am a normal human

  13. Xy Lu says:

    but no one is laughing at me, they don't even recognise my existence and I'm continually being ignored which is the opposite of the bullying which ryan describes 🙁

  14. Smithy 54321 says:

    Yeah cyber bulling inst real. A girl in my school killed herself about 2 months ago and I got in trouble for saying how she was stupid for not just blocking the 'cyber bully' who didn't even go to the same school and therefore couldn't get to her in person.

  15. Sheila says:

    You are so optimistic, and everyone likes that about you. Continue being the way you are. You've got a lot of talent!

  16. Ramen ForBreakfast says:

    Ryan, I know there are gonna be a lot of comments like this, but cyberbullying is a big problem… I love ya bro, but some people get cyberbullied to the point where they become suicidal. I had a dear friend of mine that killed herself over this subject. But what I can agree on is that she could've blocked them or something like that, and some of the things you said are true, like it's not a first world problem, but it is serious enough to where people are dying. I don't hate you because of your one opinion, but I just wanted to share mine.

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