Various Elements That May Lead to Alcoholism

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The legal age for drinking alcohol in the United States is the age of 21 years. In as recent as twenty years ago, the drinking ages varied from state to state and were often as young as 18. Once lawmakers realized that the combination of alcohol and people under the age of 21 mixed together, it often resulted in devastating consequences. Sometimes those devastating consequences required the assistance of Cincinnati DUI lawyers or a Cincinnati DUI lawyer to represent a young driver arrested for drinking under the influence.

There are many elements that can attribute to becoming an alcoholic or turn into someone that has a drinking problem. One fact that is a huge contributor is your genetic makeup. People that have substance abuse and alcohol abuse problems often have a particular gene that makes them more likely to become addicted to a substance. This addiction, unfortunately is often passed from one generation to the next in families. The addiction may not be the same though. For example, a father is a social drinker but rarely indulges in a lot of alcohol but has been a chain smoker for decades despite two bouts of lung cancer. His addiction is definitely to tobacco and smoking. This addictive gene then is passed onto his daughter who can not stand the smell of cigarette smoke but soon is addicted to alcohol and how it makes her feel. This addictive personality is likely to be passed on and on in this family and shows itself through various forms of addiction.

Another component to becoming an alcoholic is the type of personality the person has and how well they deal with stress in their lives. Many people deal with stress in different ways and often people like the mellowing effects that alcohol has on them. The greater the stress, the greater the alcohol intake. Many people do not want to face their stress head on and would rather drink their troubles away to escape their own reality. This dangerous pattern often leads to an alcohol problem.

Some people become dependent on alcohol while they are quite young and give in to social pressures. Many teenagers and college age students feel pressured to fit in by drinking alcohol at parties. Many socially awkward and shy young adults realize that when they drink alcohol they become a lot more outgoing and feel that they are more fun and confident to be around. Because of this feeling at this still maturing and growing age, many become dependent on alcohol well before they are even at the legal drinking age.

Whether it is to escape something painful or stressful or their body is genetically disposed to an addiction to something like alcohol, many Americans suffer from this disease. Recognizing this problem is more discussed and accepted now and people are entering alcoholic rehabilitation programs at a steady rate these days. The more aware people are of the devastating effects alcoholism has on individuals and families, the more people will get help.

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