Friday, August 26, 2016

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Heart Disease May Start in the Womb

Heart disease starts in childhood

PCRM: Vegan Diets for Children: Right from the Start

PCRM: Vegan Diet for Pregnancy

“Pregnancy, Children, and the Vegan Diet”

Vegan KIDS Videos from Bite Size Vegan

Vegan Parenting Playlist from Bite Size Vegan

Other References:
Atherosclerosis, Heart Disease, Cholesterol
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conflicts of Interest

Did you know that 14 of the 15 Leading causes of our DEATH are linked to ANIMAL foods!

Get all the facts!

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  1. Emily Watkins says:

    The end of this is really powerful, love it!

  2. ciarapirote says:

    Their argument probably for not recommending Vegan to children (which I think isn't wrong) is that some children undergo stages through their age like for example being a Toddler has a No-No kind of attitude when they just try to refuse everything and doesn't wanna eat at all. Most of them are picky-eaters and feeding even a small amount of like a spoonful of food can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Therefore some parents I know feed them with High Caloric diet since they run around the whole day. Milk also is a source of Calcium and is traditionally given to children. For me, I also want my kid to be vegan but it's hard to have a partner who doesn't believe in it.

  3. Sunshine Wahine says:

    At my job, I come across overweight parents with overweight children. Those parents feed their children large quantities of sugary drinks, chicken nuggets, desserts, and lots of other unhealthy foods. Those types of parents are the ones who are doing the child abuse.How is feeding your children beans, nuts, fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc unhealthy?
    To me, if it's not made from a plant, it's inedible. I'm grateful I have the choice to eat vegan.

  4. Nathalia K says:

    yo you two will never have kids anyway so…?

  5. Rhiannon Field says:

    It's actually interesting I was raised vegetarian but I would accidentally eat meat because I didn't know I was vegetarian. Children don't question what they are told to eat, unfortunate for meat eaters

  6. kalie 39485 says:

    omg why are you guys retarded you think that meat gives you CANCER …. omfg

  7. Tristan Jokumsen says:

    humans have eaten meat right since the first human why just stop it now

  8. Vegans Are Monkeys says:

    statistically, countries with highest vegan populations have the highest starvation and malnourishment rates (India,Israel,African nations in general).

    but countries with highest meat consumption have the lowest starvation and malnutrition rates (Japan,Australia,Switzerland)

    just saying…

  9. Mexie Mermaid says:

    y'all always make so much sense <3

  10. Kotryna Cikan says:

    Just to clarify – B12 IS NOT A BACTERIUM, but is MADE by bacterium 🙂 nice vid otherwise :)

  11. literaturegeek says:

    They said that parents of malnourished children should be send to prison. Nothing more or less. :)

  12. Liane T says:

    wtf??! I think those parents who force their children to eat meat should go to jail! Cause of them animals need to die..

  13. Eliran Sobel says:

    So, I was talking to someone about how there is a conflict of interests in the USDA, and he replied, "so, it like a conspiracy theory?" How do I respond to this?

  14. Gerry Gold says:

    Education is the key. ??????☝????????

  15. Kira D says:

    I agree with everything.
    By a vegan from Italy ☺

  16. beautyplayground says:

    People can be so stupid.

  17. atticusphone says:

    Yeah! Purposely malnourishing your children due to your own crazy and unscientific ideology should be encouraged! It's only a shame we can't just not feed babies at all.

  18. Lalaverp says:

    Have you guys seen that vine where the guy is like,

    "Yeah, I don't let my kid eat meat, gluten, or drink water"

    Then the other guy is like

    "Is that your kid?"

    He points to a dead body.

    "Is he dead?"

    Then the moms like

    "Yeah he's dead"

  19. Jasmine Jones says:

    That law is ridiculous

  20. Hector Pacheco says:

    wait so how are obese 6 year old parents not fucked like why are healthy diets penalized but having a fat fucking kid not

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