Venezuela growing economic crisis – BBC News

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Venezuela has some of the largest known reserves of oil in the world – yet its economy is in an ongoing crisis. There are widespread shortages of basic goods, rising levels of crime – and growing political violence. The government of President Nicolas Maduro is blaming the influence of the United States – which has been highly critical of Mr Maduro’s leadership.

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  1. Anarchy Empire says:

    this is the first time i will say this and i sadly doubut it will be the last…guys we have to invade them, now i know this sounds horible but litsen spanish is the second largest language in american and both nations have similar major religions if we hit the government of venezuela hard and fast we can take the nation almost bloodlessly using the US's bast resorses to rebuild the nation first under a temporay us Military government and then a Venezulan democratic government should not be terribly difficult now i no it sounds messed up ….well this people realy need our help and like it or not japan is prof that the US has the capacity to save venezuela.

  2. Arabic Defense says:

    die you motherfuckers

  3. Michael Mazur says:

    Cheers Mate! Back in babies arms.

  4. Michael Mazur says:

    We're not trying to overthrow Venezuela! Budweiser6.

  5. Diego A. Rojas O. says:

    Please, help me to get out from Venezuela

  6. Flagdog3 says:

    Shortages? Is the Venezuelan government corrupt to the point it resembles a episode of hoarders buried alive and can't open factories to produce the needed goods and/or is hoarding it all?

  7. Bruno Gomes says:

    Everybody knows the socialism never works, that's it !!

  8. Pansy Blackwell says:

    Can anyone recall the days when Hugo Chavez gave the citizens of the Northeast United States free gas during the winter months?

  9. Geographer 4 fun (AlvaGeo) says:

    Venezuela's Chavez took
    over since 1999 it was neither Socialism nor Communism but simply stupidity of
    implementing total market control of the economy, (I am a citizen now in an
    industrial nation, I have a minor in economics and I was born in Venezuela and
    left shortly after Chavez biggest mistake (control of currency exchange)) STOP
    COMPARING VENEZUELA as example of what Socialism is. you could Call it
    Communism ( but is worst ) Chavez's could off created the best Socialism in the
    21 first century only if : drop out of OPEC , let the market be free and open
    to the world , use fare taxes to improve the life of poor by providing
    government jobs for the unemployed , and allocate all oil tax revenues to
    provide Universal health care and education , ( simply put , it was possible
    for him to copy policies from Scandinavian countries ) in a country of less than
    40 million and one of the richest in natural resources; From 1999 to 2013 would
    it make him a legend ( but he was a stupid ignorant soldier with his government
    staff , product of the negligence of previous government that ignore all SOCIAL
    problems before 1999) ; this could happen to any other country ( so Socialism
    is about check and balance of a system not to get confuse with economics system
    that works with flow of money or better called CAPITALISM )  VIVA el Mercado Libre!

  10. jake robin says:

    This video is a hoax, makes the people of Venezuela as incapable parasite consumers. Lets not forget that the empire that control embargoes can also do that to the people of Venezuela or any other third world country; There is vast agriculture land in Venezuela and oil and rich in minerals. must people that whine are the people that are paid inmigrants with zootopia mentality from Columbia by USA, USA is interested in rigging the government and all natural resources from Venezuela, Also not forgetting the transnationals. This is an old game repeating again same way as in El Salvado in the 80's. Now El Salvador is a total disaster, so will be Venezuela if this ongoing USA intervention dont stop. LEAVE VENEZUELA ALONE ZOOTOPIA PARASITES.

  11. Atheist Mohammed says:

    America, you are next.

  12. Johnny Saldivar says:

    this what it looks like Bernie supporters if u vote in a socialist

  13. EliDt says:

    Atlas Shrugged in a nutshell.

  14. Matt Hays says:

    Venezuela is a banana republic

  15. The Cursed says:

    90% of their economy are from their oil?? haha how dumb the velenzuela's government is .. they should improve their industries, business and their export they should not reliant to their oil anytime….. look at Dubai only 2% of their economy are reliant to oil…

  16. Daoon H says:

    Perfect time for corporations to swoop in and rebuild

  17. Chosen for a reason says:

    A BBC documentary on the results of socialism; the irony is simply just too funny.

  18. Chosen for a reason says:

    Obviously what is needed is more government control.

  19. julie sevilla says:

    someone once said "in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing socialism could work" both Chavez and maduro are clueless idiots who think that running a country is about handouts and subsidies

  20. time4grace says:

    There is no way USA will attack Valenzuela: first of all USA is not an aggressor; but only a defender. What can USA or any country benefit from conquering a country that has nothing to give? Before maybe, Valenzuela has crude oil; but, USA and most countries now have oil production too by new technology! Opinion: It is in your best interest to impeach Maduro soonest possible; and appoint a real Economist who knows how to budget and how to get resources. Maduro only knew to impose all kinds of laws [even some none sense laws as reported in your news]; but those mini-laws has nothing to do in setting up new income-generating jobs and getting resources. I suggest that you start with Barter trades.

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