Video Training Course To Learn and Master QuickBooks Pro 2013 Small Business Accounting Software

Friday, November 6, 2015
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Online Video Training Course To Learn and Master QuickBooks Pro 2013 Small Business Accounting Software
Learn this popular small business accounting software to help you save time and make money.
During this QuickBooks Pro 2013 video training course, learn to use QuickBooks to manage your business’s finances. Your certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor trainer will show how to create accounts to organizing customer, vendor, and item records. Discover how to setup QuickBooks Pro 2013 for the first time, pay employees, create reports, reconcile, work with sales tax, setup inventory, receive payments, and much more.
This course is designed to be an introduction to the features offered by QuickBooks Pro 2013. This is not an accounting course. Each business and home financial situation is unique, with different procedures required in response to various rules, laws and policies. Please consult your accountant, employer, QuickBooks ProAdvisor or other appropriate expert with regard to specific requirements or guidelines.
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Content and Goals:
Over 73 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
Creating your company file
Working with QuickBooks preferences
Creating estimates
Working with vendors and bills
Setup the chart of accounts for your business
Reconciling statements
Working with credit cards
Working with sales tax including paying sales tax
Working with payroll
Working with customers and jobs
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This video is a must for anyone interested in starting a business to sell a product or offer a service. It highlights the important role of trademarks in that process, including a discussion of how trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, and business name registrations all differ. It gives guidelines on how to select the right mark–one that is both federally registrable and legally protectable. It also explains the benefits of federal registration and suggests resources if you need help with your application. By the end of the video, you’ll understand why having a trademark component of your business plan is critical to your success.
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  1. Gabino Barreda says:

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  2. Alpiner10 says:

    So blurry!

  3. Bryan L says:

    I understand the concept that making an infomercial seem like it was an actual presentation to try to make it easier for viewers but this video is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. The speaker at no point makes any pauses in his speech and all of his words are seamlessly integrated and referencing to earlier statements with perfect memory which doesn't happen in natural language and normal human social behaviors. All of the change in camera angles occur before the actual events that should cause them (i.e. the transition to the person asking a question occurs before they've indicated they are going to ask a question). Also the audience is frozen stiff which is super creepy. I couldn't actually make it through the whole thing and had to go to the website to get the info in text format.

  4. Matthew Cleary says:

    Hi there,

    I'm setting up a mobile app company. I want to trademark the name. It is a unique name, however, there are several apps that have SIMILAR names.

    Will there be any trouble? I've searched the listing and there are no trademarks currently with the name I want.


  5. SLIZEY SLIZE says:

    I have a comic that I want to publish. would i trademark the name?

  6. Esse_official says:

    Hey! I have a question. Does this only apply for USA? I live in europe and wants to open a business, invention so on…. thanks :)

  7. HappilyNaturalLit26 says:

    Where in the world do I file an Intent to Use. I have looked everywhere.

  8. Yonnick Hackshaw says:

    If I had a teacher like this

  9. Peter C says:

    Thanks for sharing great information,

  10. vizski says:

    Mark Trademan™

  11. Alan Casallas says:

    lol those questions were so set up

  12. Mayo Pinion says:

    Why does have such a canned and scripted infomercial type video? Absolutely embarrassing. Fire that director.

  13. BlessingChildOne! says:

    Hello, I will be registering a logo that I designed for my business. However, my company's name has my last name in it,  so I will not be able to trademark it, is that correct?

  14. Caviar nolastname says:

    This is GREAT information! BIG Thank you!

  15. Amber Redding says:

    Great Video!

  16. Dario Del Toro says:

    I am just curious but solicitations that are " made to look like they come from the USPTO but they're really not" classify under a  likelihood of confusion…?

  17. mcsweeney29 says:

    Hi USPTO, is there a way to save my work (using Google Chrome) before I exit the TEAS online application or do I need to complete the entire application in one sitting without exiting?

  18. SilverDragon893 says:

    Very good presentation! The speaker is spot-on and I enjoyed hearing him, such a great teacher!

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