Visiting Japan: 5 Reasons Why It’ll Be Awesome

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ever thought about visiting Japan but could never justify it? Always wanted to visit Japan but needed that final push? 5 Reasons to Visit Japan is here to give you the final push to booking your flight to Japan and seeing the magic for yourself.

Experience bizarre marketing, a range of karaoke scenarios, amazing food, all the cats you could ever want and more!

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  1. Moja Marowak Šolja says:

    Fucking british boyfrienf lmfao

  2. Justin McFerran says:

    I just got back from Japan yesterday for my first trip there and this video has made me miss it so much. I loved every minute of it.

  3. Mark WU says:

    what song are playing in the background at 7:31? Please?

  4. Romero de Souza says:

    What's this song at 0:35?

  5. Joe Gotti says:

    always wanted to visit Tokyo Japan✌

  6. wobedraggled says:

    Thumbs down for deceptive thumbnail….

  7. madscientistshusta says:

    you all came here to see hot Japanese girls

  8. ThatOneEngineeringStudent says:

    Makes you wonder…. How do the Japanese come up with this stuff without drugs?

  9. Itachi Uchiha says:

    Sexy white Japanese breasts made me click this vid

  10. UglyCasing says:

    None of these were the reasons I wanted to go to japan, I just wanted to take my mid tour leave to finally have a chance to go see the country. This was back in 2010

  11. Banana Juice says:

    I don't hope you actually gave her post-it notes

  12. Hue Hue says:

    Im thinking of going there when I'm older

  13. Andrew Mouat says:

    It's funny that as Chris is saying that drugs are very much illegal in Japan, the USB stick in the commercial is saying "pantsu wo nuide …" which means "take my pants off and … ". That's how Japanese relate taking a cap off a USB stick for advertising purposes. :P

  14. gけんけん says:


  15. hyusama says:

    Japan and Japanese people are mostly secular, which is probably why they're so awesome XD

  16. MageThief says:

    Love the videos, love the humor and you are on spot with most things.
    Keep it up m8!

  17. Nathan Taffijn says:

    1.unique fruit and vegetables 2.hentai porn 3.anime and manga sluts that will let you cum inside them since they want a white baby 5.special noodle food.

  18. James Lapid says:

    thumbnail is the only reason I need.

  19. Pocohantas216 says:

    PLEASE Suggest a good Karaoke bar I can visit when I go to Japan! Thanks!

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