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Monday, March 27, 2017

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Lissa Rankin, MD is an OB/GYN physician, author, keynote speaker, consultant to health care visionaries, professional artist, and founder of the women’s health and wellness community Discouraged by the broken, patriarchal health care system, she left her medical practice in 2007 only to realize that you can quit your job, but you can’t quit your calling. This epiphany launched her on a journey of discovery that led her to become a leader in the field of mind/body medicine, which she blogs about at and is writing about in her third book Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013).

She teaches both patients and health care professionals how to make the body ripe for miracles by healing the mind and being healthy in all aspects of life, not just by promoting healthy behaviors like good nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleep, but by encouraging health and authenticity in relationships, work, creative expression, spirituality, sexuality, finances, and living environment. She is leading a revolution to feminize how health care is received and delivered by encouraging collaboration, fostering self-healing, reconnecting health care and spirituality, empowering patients to tap into the mind’s power to heal the body, and encouraging women not to settle for being merely well, but to strive for living vital, joyful, authentic lives full of “mojo.”

When not spreading the word, she chills out, paints, does yoga, and hikes in Marin County, CA with her husband and daughter.

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  1. Meike Rieger says:

    She is a beautiful soul. I found her through hay House and her amazing meditation!! Check that out please, it's powerful.

  2. Charles Davidson says:

    great talk imho. she mentions brene brown's talks on vulnerability as another good talk. i think they complement each other as do the kristin neff talks on self compassion. the only addition i would make is our inner pilot light is not intuition alone but intuition coupled with one's overarching/transcendental values to ensure that our intuition is provides meaningful insight.

  3. Stan says:

    This is honestly the TED video that I feel I learned the most from. Even though it doesn't come with any fancy-ass research 🙂

  4. FMFvideos says:

    what is Fi Di women?

  5. Hugh Whitmore says:

    You know what I don't like about Ted Talks? People who are talking about serious topics are always smiling like idiots.

  6. Luana Farina says:

    Absolutely amazing TEDTalk. Wonderful insight into more than just medicine, the imbalance of an unhealthy mind and body creating physical symptoms! So wonderful!!!

  7. Max Miller says:

    Jesus told me in a dream that he wasn't real.
    He said "Don't believe what people say about god or truth, they're only people – they can't know."

  8. karan malhotra says:

    the HATE on the comments section about Lissa and her philosophy about 'healthy living' and healing only shows how RIGHT she is about pointing out the modern day ignorance!

  9. Lucius Apuleius says:

    Ok, lady…

    WWE superstars might look like they're living the lives they're supposed to be living because they're physically fit.
    So, from that, one might surmise that they're mentally healthy people, as well.
    However, they have mental health issues just like the rest of the people out there.

    She is a physician, and not a Psychologist, after all…

  10. jagdish yadav says:


  11. Raya Jayce says:

    I know why I'm sick. Layers upon layers of abuse, PTSD throughout my life culminating in medical personnel and an obgyn disregarding my refusals and forcing dangerous procedures upon me which caused muscles to rip off my bones and all of my pelvic and abdominal organs to prolapse, then the discovery of the American justice and medical malpractice systems not recognizing or championing women's rights during childbirth. Then many diagnostic procedures which further traumatized me. Add on the loss of enjoyment of all the activities which used to give me pleasure.. Yea.. All I need is a change of mindset to be well… Laughable.

  12. Giorgios Culofakis says:

    Her smile is fake.

  13. dryhumor99 says:

    To heal from Autoimmune diseases or mental illness, one must use a somatic trauma therapy like EFT (Tapping). I took meds (and had years of talk therapy) for 19 years, but healed my depression through EFT (tapping) when I was healing myself from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

  14. bailey schnell says:

    I found Lissa Rankin's talk very interesting because I haven't ever looked at how much mental health can truly affect how healthy your body is. I can agree that factors like relationships, work life, spiritual life and so on are a major aspect in how you feel daily as having a stressful life and being unhappy can weaken the immune system allowing your body to be weaker and more likely to show symptoms of an illness. Doctors tend to look closely at just the physical aspects of whether a patient is exercising and eating healthy for a healthy body. But although, I do agree that treating your body correctly and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, and one of the aspects of being completely healthy, mental health is just as important when regulating the body as a whole. Lissa used herself as an example of someone who's life completely fell apart all at the same time, and that if she wouldn't of chose to focus on herself and her mental state, she wouldn't have made it to the state she is currently at today, which is a topic I support as being able to understand why a topic like this can apply to so many other people. The part that is more difficult that I see as a problem with this, is some people having a harder time to admit to themselves that they have an unhealthy relationship or bad spiritual life, or that they need a new job, and so on, when they don't want to believe that it impacts their level of healthiness. Once a person is able to decipher what aspects of their life are causing them problems, and are willing to change, I feel that mental happiness would decrease their problems majorly.

  15. 12dollarsand78cents says:

    Lissa Rankin is a quack!
    The body can heal itself, it's called healing dumb quack. No drug or placebo needed.

  16. nishumyworld123 says:

    please stop talking please for the sake of every sane happy normal person

  17. Wakin Goldfish says:

    Stress free? Government is killing us

  18. Cimfan heleen says:

    omg she's so ASMR

  19. Caitlin McGrory says:

    What she says is right about all the roles. But what can you do when there is not even money to pay the rent, let alone change your life.

  20. Caitlin McGrory says:

    I don't know why but I feel like there is the inability to understand for people with authority and money that it is not always possible to live this way and listen and care for your body. You saw 40 patients a day and that's insane — I understand why doctors are such harried jerks, but it is a continued situation of disempowering people. Then the doctors go home and have money to destress. We don't.

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