Weight Training – Never Too Old

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Some people think that there is a forbidden age that a person should not attempt to lift weights, but from research and countless personal experiences from the “older crowd”, there is sufficient proof that a person should lift weights as long as their body can perform the movements.  I will use my own personal experience for this article.  I will be 43 years old tomorrow and never felt better in my life and can not dream of ever giving up my weight training. 

Reason 1, weight training builds valuable muscle that MUST be replaced continuously because the  muscle on our bodies increasingly deteriorate as we get older. 

Reason 2, weight training strengthens your bones.  In case no one has told you but your bones deteriorate at a faster rate also as we get older, so to preserve bone mass and strength then one MUST weight train. 

Reason 3, there is a disturbing trend in our society with the “older crowd” battling diseases associated with age such as osteoporosis, cancer, muscle wasting diseases and the dependency on more and more prescribed drugs that only put a band-aid on the problem. 

Everyone has the ability and the duty to take care of their body so that when they are in the latter years of their lives, it will be more rewarding and joyous without the complications of illnesses that could have been corrected by a healthy diet and adequate weight training.  Here is a plan that anyone can follow if one can move his/her own body under his/her own strength without the help of a wheelchair, power chair, etc.

1.  Get a pair of dumbbells that you can handle
2.  Get an exercise poster illustrating different exercises
3.  Get a healthy eating meal plan
4.  Follow the meal plan as designed and perform the exercises and you will see a marked improvement in your energy, firmness of body, better skin, and best of all you will no longer be with the “older crowd” because you will look younger!

Johnny Wright

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