Friday, July 28, 2017

You may have heard of stem cells before, but there is a lot of mystery about what they actually … do. Why is this such a promising new field?

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Bone marrow transplant:
Gene Expression:
Stem Cells:


  1. Pure Rager says:

    Who else is here because of Dan Bilzerian?

  2. Chantel Weathers says:

    How do stem cells remain undifferentiated in a lab??
    How do stem cells in your body take up these foreign stem cells and become specialized to you or that specific organ/tissue?

  3. Sam 88 says:

    Just gonna play my joker card as a skin cell if you don't mind.

  4. David Redford says:

    My Biology teacher took 5 lessons to "teach" this. Life Noggin taught this in 3 minutes. Legends!!
    PS. Anyone here who uses lifenoggin to help them actually learn their GCSE course?

  5. MossyrockTV says:

    wen u bust a nut and she keep suckin

  6. Markus Dahl says:

    Now we can example take skin cells and reverse the cells the stem cells ( Dont ask me for the science 🙂 )

  7. Seb Oi says:

    I just want to thank you for a lollipop I got because I reminded my teacher that the thing he was talking about were called stem cells and I'm eating it right now!?

  8. Kidus Gebermariam says:

    I feel like my stem cell is feeling like he so famous with other body parts in my body jealous ???

  9. Edris says hi says:

    can i have the name of this instrumental beat please

  10. InvalidPlays says:

    Does that mean stem cells can cure cancer?

  11. Controle Quebrado says:

    not actually all cells have the same dna see kurzgesagt video

  12. Marcelino De Leon says:

    we should cut the military budget by 200 billion dollars and put it towards stem cell research and development

  13. Hindu Pigeon says:

    im a stem cell baby

  14. Jaclyn Brienza says:

    what cases vomiting

  15. Battlefield4x says:

    Someone count how many times he said "cells"

  16. KekLineKnifer says:

    Chances are, they probably get cells from people that cant generate babies anymore

  17. montork says:

    if a life was destroyed?
    you don't ask that when a man jacks off.

  18. Iki Cash says:

    "why are we not funding this" – peter griffin

  19. I'm shenoku says:

    So this is what people got worked up about? Religious nutjobs got triggered over a bunch of embryonic cells that were never even in a womb to begin with? And these people are willing to stop research that can actually save countless lives over this?

  20. Rosierockslb Undertale Fan says:

    How can people think that donating an egg is killing a life I mean then does that mean that every time someone has a period they've killed a life?

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