What if the South Won the American Civil War?

Friday, April 7, 2017

What if the South Won the American Civil War?

The American Civil War was the most devastating event in United States history. It changed the entire fate of the nation, and created the America we know today.

But, what if that all changed? What if instead of a Southern defeat, the Confederates won the Civil War? Using alternate history, that is a question I am to theorize about.

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  1. Jamie Crawford says:

    I think if the South would have won, we would have had it made! I went to New York one time, that state has the rudest people I've ever seen. It is loud and has so many people it's hard to get around. They did say, they have the homeless problem fixed, but I saw no proof of that. I think it would be better if Southerners stayed in the South, and Yankees stayed in the North. I happen to like my slow pace life in the South. Southern born and Southern bred.

  2. smiley guy says:

    "had the confederates win" you clearly have good grammer

  3. bill carr says:

    music. dear god please say the music

  4. ϟϟ says:

    Blacks should have been deported after slavery

  5. Zain Hafeez says:

    I like this dude

  6. Broken Eyes says:

    One things for sure, there be a larger vampire population in North America…

  7. Moe Lester says:

    What if the southies won the Civil Greed War… Ummmm. No NFL, NBA, College Sports…..Imagine a sporting event where the referee is whipping the players for a foul…

  8. Boopy Boop says:

    What if the crusades never happened?

  9. art carney says:

    does anyone believe they could make " gone with the wind." today? with all the bigots there would be no way.

  10. Sadaf Mukhtar says:

    Wait, so how did I get here?

  11. RaptorChic says:

    Not one Republican, ever owned a slave…ever

  12. RaptorChic says:

    Democrats are solely responsible for their left arm KKK, lynching and Segregation. Not one Republican in the History of our country owned a slave. Also advances on Civil Rights was formed and fought for by Republicans. Democrats was a hardcore opposition to end Segregation etc.

  13. RaptorChic says:

    You have some of it a bit wrong. Its historically proven the War between the States was actually Democrats in the North and South versus Republicans. Only after the War when the North won, they thought up the narrative that the war was North versus South. There was hardly any Slave owners in the South. There was also Slave owners in the North. Lincoln as a last ditch effort decided 'free' slaves so they could help swell numbers to fight the Confederacy. Lincoln made many speeches to which he addressed his racist views. Some topics he mentioned was that blacks are to never be equal to whites, or take going jobs etc.
    When the North made up the narrative of what the war was about, they wrote their false history in the school books to be taught in southern schools. there was famous book burnings that the parents refused to educate their children with the books, due to the lies about the war. much of the war isn't as mainstream people say.
    Its very interesting reading all the diaries I have from the Confederate soldiers, Southern people etc. You can get a good feel for at least what they were thinking. No doubt Reconstruction was the most horrific time ever for the Southern states. Union Soldiers killed, raped/tortured children and women. Its really disgusting. but any how, wanted to let you know, the war was Slave loving Democrats versus the newly founded Republican Party. The Republican party fought for all Civil Rights, right on up till the 1960's. Womens Rights and all great Rights, were solely Republican made. Democrats created the KKK, as their strong arm. killing many going workers, whites and blacks. They also used lynching and they were also responsible for Segregation. not One voted for Black Rights. if you look up the end of Segregation, you will see not one Democrat supported it. As a matter of fact, Not one Republican in the history of our country, ever owned a slave. if they did, theres no record of it in our history

  14. Kassandra Lynne Rose Sullinger says:


  15. Clarke Road Trojans says:

    What if the California Republic never joined the Union.

  16. sniper mikey02 says:

    what about segregation? wouldn't that still become a thing after the south won

  17. blueray1969 says:

    'There were people in the North who would have "went"'? If the South had won, maybe English would be spoken better all over the US of A ;). But in all seriousness, it's unlikely that Great Britain would have stood by and continued to trade with the CSA, domestic pressure would ultimately have forced it to pass laws banning trade. Without a major source of income, even a defeated USA could have rolled across the border after replenishing its armed forces, which would have been a far more one-sided affair. However, the CSA would have been aware of that and would almost certainly have attempted to get other (northern) states to succeed, if only to diversify its economic base.

  18. Maksy K says:

    I don't know why but Cody has such an awesome Voice for doing Videos and the stick figures (is there another term for that?) look really cute xd

  19. Spongebob Watches You Sleep says:

    If the south won it wouldn't suprise me if they stabbed the north in the back and attempted to take them over as well. If they won, the whole world would probably more or less the same, except for the fact that the U.S. Would probably include parts of Canada and Latin America.

  20. kendellestes says:

    this video is funny as hell considering the north had more slaves then the south Lincoln abolished it to cover his ass the slaves that fought for the south where actually treated equal unlike the yanks

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