What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

Friday, August 4, 2017

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  1. Deleted Account says:

    Could you make more videos on this topic?

  2. Ahzam Rasool says:

    bro u and your videos are amazing ……keep it up…

  3. Cory Jaron says:

    Man that AI screenplay was odd.

    "I need to leave, but I'm not free of the world"

    "It's not a dream, but I've got a time to stay there"

    "Nothing is going to be a thing"

  4. Dan Kelly says:

    Funny that he focused on the original definition of AI when he doesn't know the definition of algorithm.

  5. geekphreak says:

    What's the name of the movie the ai wrote?

  6. chummy Igbo says:

    +1 sub

  7. Dark Knight says:

    I felt like I was in the 2030's when I was watching this video

  8. Shibam Sarbswa says:


  9. Joakim Bergendahl says:

    This is dangerous shit to play around with.. Got a really bad feeling about the evolution of AI.

  10. trueman show says:

    The main ( core ) technology of the age seems to be born from the related ( peripheral ) technology of the former age.
    For example , agriculture from tool-making , engines from metalworking , and computers from electrical engineering are cited.
    Then , what will be the mother technology of AI , which is going to mark a next epoch ?
    I suppose light / quantum computing , neural network or software engineering are the candidates.

  11. Diane Russell says:

    I really enjoyed this video. I believe anyone who works with todays technology should understand what AI is.

  12. Svensk Tiger says:

    Five Guys Burgers and Fries makes strong A.I.

  13. David mine says:

    I do like your videos very much… I tried to find an A.I. playlist I wanted to sent it to a friend… Do you have one or could you make one?
    Thanks for your time

  14. 3lrancho says:

    if you want to know what AI is. read an Isaac Assimov book. hands down best author.

  15. Maciej Latos says:

    Do definicji dodałbym "błąd ludzki" jako proces tworzenia A.I., a raczej innej formy "życia", niż na bazie Węglowej. Definiowanie pojęć, obiektów, ect., bez "pomyłki" nie będzie stanowiło o inteligencji "Machiny".

  16. Yoo-Kyong BYON says:

    Thx so much for this video!! I am a 5th grader and this helped me a lot with my project(PYP Exhibition) and it gave me a lot of info!

  17. Umar Al-Arya says:

    i don`t really think if AI has love, feelings and others.. it means if AI exist it will be smart, but it is bad and making plan to extinct everything

  18. Hobbit Stomper says:

    Scary thought: What if it's the natural step in advanced evolution, that any "natural species" will one day create A.I's which will replace them as the dominate species on their own planet. What if this occurs on every single planet through out the galaxy.
    I am atheist and love progressive thinking, but even for me, this thought is scary.

  19. Jordan Holland says:

    Thanks Dagogo. I really enjoy your videos and they inspire to make a notable impact on society as I continue to work on my Electrical/Computer engineering degree. I'll be sure to share with my friends. I hope that it will pique their interests as much as it has mine.

  20. Arash Verma says:

    thanks for helping me on AI for my college project. ??

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