What Were the Articles of Confederation? | America: Facts vs. Fiction

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What Were the Articles of Confederation? | America: Facts vs. Fiction

The Articles of Confederation proved to be more trouble than help with individual states all pushing their interests and agendas, to the point of threatening the country as a whole. | For more, visit http://military.discovery.com/tv-shows/america-facts-vs-fiction/#mkcpgn=ytmil1

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  1. Chez Potatoez says:

    I aint cheezy for a reason

  2. Chez Potatoez says:

    Love the ending as NOT AS WEAK,,, Lol xD

  3. Chez Potatoez says:

    Cool Great P And Not Horrible… :)

  4. Atomicpenguin says:

    This video had 1 fact or fiction on a common know fact at least if you pay attention in school. This whole show is a lot of stuff you know or don't really care about such as the type of warehouse john wiles booth ran to.

  5. Display Name says:

    There's not a video uploaded by this channel about Patton yet, but I just wanted to say that the main reason he was put aside by his high command was because he wanted to go to war with Russia immediately after the war, and the fact that he hated jews. Not because he had a "squeaky voice".  

  6. eflint1 says:

    It;s amazing how many refuse to admit that the 13 original States were sovereign nations. Lincoln denied this fact. The question is, when did the States ever explicitly ceded ultimate sovereignty? I don't think they really did.

  7. Fireman Tim says:

    Flawed System??? What do you call our current system???? We are broke and about to implode. A zombie apocalypse would be a good thing.

  8. Austin Poteat says:

    He was referring against the liberalistic idea against a more communistic government cares for the people ideas. Liberalists scream out all the time for the government to take care of there lazy selves. Ask not: do not ask the government to do. What your country can do for you: the government to take care of you. But what you can do for your country: how you can be patriotic and empower a more democratic and free nation.

  9. ParallaxVue says:

    Actually President Kennedy is famous for saying "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" in his inaugural address. Kind of the opposite. You are probably thinking of President Reagan who said on many occasions government is the problem.

  10. randy95023 says:

    Somewhere along the line, about 150 years ago the whole concept of "State's Rights" was forgotten and replaced with an All Powerful Federal Government. This should not be a Right vs. Left, or Liberal vs. Conservative issue! The concept of State's Rights should be restored to its original concept where Federal Government ONLY steps in where States alone cannot govern. Federal Gov't should be about 10% its current size and States should exercise their own powers to suit their residents.

  11. Francisco Silva says:

    that it is very questionable the government of the European union is a political community of law regime constituted international organization sui generis created to encourage and accommodate the integration and joint governance of the states and peoples of Europe The European Union government has always fluctuated between intergovernmental conference model where the states retain all its prerogatives and supranational model where a part of the sovereignty of states is delegated to the Union

  12. Super Child Molester says:

    European practices a "confederation-federation" type of government.

  13. killedbythedocter says:

    my history textbook is 10000000 times better than this lump of crap, just a place for conservative dipshits to say they hate a president that's 10 times better than the Bushes ever were

  14. Joe Friday says:

    you've done swallowed all the BS propaganda,the Articles of Confederation were what this country was founded on and should of never been changed to the Federal Government being the supreme Authority, if it ever really was ratified ,some may argue that they still do not have authority over state rights and that's where I stand !

  15. subikkon says:

    Geez. When did you guys get so liberal? It, sincerely, sounds like one of your staffers went to Wikipedia and copied all the swill they saw there.

  16. edwardpf123 says:

    I wouldn't mind going back to them now after 5 years of Obama.

  17. Francisco Silva says:

    we can see something similar now in the European union

  18. Austin Poteat says:

    Too bad we no longer abide by this or the constitution. We need less government control. Just like JFK said "in this current crisis, the government is not the answer to our problems; the government is our problem."

  19. Tomasz Pelczar says:

    Let's not only Royal Academy, my deeper and bigger the appreciation …

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